Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School days, school days

School days, school days ! I went to school with Linda today. There are about five ladies that work in the volunteer room. They all were busily working today. I never figured on a mystery day, but was I ever surprised!!!!! The first thing I seen was a stack of pictures of children, cows, chickens and other animals. I wonder what these are for. Mae, one of the ladies said follow me and I will show you.

I followed her into the cafeteria and on this one wall was a beautiful farm scene on it. It was a kindergarten room picture. And guess what????? There were all those pictures I seen before.

I went back to the volunteer room and was looking at a poster about frogs and toads. Oh another mystery but this one was solved on the poster.

There is a laminating machine in the volunteer room we use. i was curious to see what was being laminated. The school has A Dr Suess day and we were laminating things for it.

The other ladies that work in the school with me do not like there pictures taken so here is there busy hands a working.

I have a mystery for you to solve. Mae worked on a window case with another farm scene in it---can you find me???????????????????????

Just in case you can't----HERE I AM1111111111111111111

I went over to the copier and I pushed for a copy to come through-nothing -what is the mystery to this machine I asked. Rose spoke up-you need a password-oh my that is an easy mystery to solve.

So a day with a couple mysteries already solved. I enjoyed my day at school. Linda says maybe next week i can go back with her. What fun my day was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Agatha reporting.

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