Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Next mystery.......................Agatha meets Hetty

While I was being fitted for my apron and bonnet I asked the Hittys if their dogs were guard dogs or just
companions. They told me that their German Shepherds were members of the family but also they helped
the Hittys with their flock of sheep-lets! Aha I thought to myself that is why Hetty wanted those puppies!! The
babies were in no danger of being made into puppy pies by Hetty they were going to be raised to herd a flock.
But Hetty did not have any sheeplets according to my hosts. I immediately ran to find Sheriff Wally. I knew where
Hetty was going to find her flock!!

From a distance Wally and I spotted the flock and was that a wagon?? With someone loading
sheeplets into it???

Could this be the nefarious Hetty??!!! Was I finally to meet this terror
of the countryside?? Would I survive the meeting???!!!

We advanced upon her. Wally had his gun drawn and I was right there....ready to make the arrest!!

Finally I meet the terrible Hetty face to face.

Wally is there to insure my safety. Hetty has
a rather smirking little smile. She asks my name and when I tell her she congratulates me
on my remarkable detecting skills. She is a strange one this Hetty. I feel that the Hittys
here in Mo. will never really be secure from her misdeeds. Even with Sheriff Wally trying
to keep them all safe. However Wally and the Hittys assure me that all has ended well
with my able assistance. The puppies are restored to their rightful home, the sheep have
been herded back to the corral. All is well that ends well here on the farm.

HOw exciting to see the result of my deductive reasoning!!

The Hittys are so pleased that the sheeplets are safe. They insist that I pick out a sheeplet to take on
my future journeys....??!!!!

Oh my, I can only hope that my future hostesses are not as appalled as
I am at the thought of arriving in their homes with livestock!!!

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