Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hitty Molly and The Rock Bottom Party

Hello my Hitty friends,
I have been busier than I think I ever have these past few days. When Tina couldn't get around to making travel plans she asked if a party that had never been had here woudl suffice.. I of course was all into it as I have never had a Halloween party. We sat and talked amongst us Hitty's and Bittys and of course Tina. We planned the party, the costumes and the food to be served.
After all that we got down to business. I helped go thru fabric and see what we could use to make each costume. She allowed us to chose which costume we would like to wear. I chose the Candy Corn, as it is my favorite candy, as of now anyway. Hitty Ernestina, chose to be a Clown with a red nose. Hitty Molly (love that we have the same name) chose to be a Gaint Pumpkin. Hitty Mary chose to be a Witch. The Bitty's, JimBob and Stella chose a Mouse and Little Red Ridinghood. Stella is really upset though, she has misplaced her basket of goodies she was to carry to Granny. We keep telling her, she will find it, but she is still sad faced.
We helped to prepare the food also. We chose the menu. I of course asked for Candy Corn, Mary wanted candy apples,Ernestina chose M&M's, Molly (the other Molly) chose the spider cupcakes,JimBob wanted the cake decorated with a pumpkin face, and Stella well she wanted some of everything, but finally decided on the peanutbutter cookies with orange filling.
After we had all the menu, the costumes, it was time to make decorations and decide what games we would play.
We drew and cut out, bats, ghosts, pumpkins and the Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. And we also pulled out the fishing game, checkers, and had a grand time playing hide and go seek.
I know alot of people would think this would be a very boring trip but all in all, I have been pleasantly surprised at just how much love this family of Hitty's has.. I have heard it said, "All Hitty families are full of love." What a grand thought.
I will be busy again this weekend with the human size celebrating with the family and then next week I will be getting my travel arranged to go on to the next family. I will be sure to let you all know when I am leaving on the Postal Bus.
I do hope you all have enjoyed seeing the photos, and that you each of a very fun unscary Halloween.
Hitty Hugs to you all, Hitty Molly Marie

Monday, October 18, 2010

Hitty Molly Arrives in North Carolina

Hitty Molly Marie arrived today on the Postal Bus. As soon as they heard the postman toot the horn to annouce she was here, they were all scampering around screaming, She's here! She's here!

> Of course they all were wringing their little wooden mitten hands while I carefully opened the package. And as soon as the top was open they all ran to meet her. Well, it was more like 3 of them. Some were busy still cleaning the house to make sure it was presentable.

> Ernestina made the introductions, and welcomed her here to visit and slipped a sweet quietly spoken, and I hope you find this to be your forever home, but if not, we will always consider you a family member.
> I tried to explain to them all before her arrival that she is traveling around the country to find her forever home. She is meeting Hitty's and people from all over the U.S.
> My girls said, She would be welcome to stay here, if she so choses. With that behind us, I am thinking my Hitty's will be slipping her all kinds of ideas of how she would love living with them.
> And of course they all had to ask what it was like to meet a mayor and mortician to boot.She told them all about how nice he was and he was even nice enough to proclaim the 13th of October as Hitty Molly Marie Mahogany Day. Such a wonderful thing. And it didn't go to her head, as she is such a sweet Hitty.
> Well, we are off to make our plans and see what we can do to entertain her while she visits us. We will send photos later on this afternoon.
> Hugs from the Rock Bottom Hittty's and Tina
> P.S. Molly Marie asked that we tell you after she rest some, she will be sending a post on her travels.

Oct. 23, 2010

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to take a quick rest and send a note letting you all know I haven't forgotten any of you, I have been busy, busy... I helped make cotumes for everyone. I can't wait to show you the photos, but of course that will have to wait until we have the halloween, fall harvest party. We are going to be working on making cakes and treats the first of the week. This Rock Bottom crowd sure has kept me busy.
We helped a little with moving Tina's craft room. She had moved to the room her son had, and he is moving back and she had to evacuate the room asap. We mostly cheered her on.. And watched for anything that may be of help in making our party a success.
I am going to travel tomorrow to meet Tommy's parents. His moma loves Hitty. It will be a nice trip I am told. All the other Hitty's here love to visit them.
We are hoping for a few minutes to go and see a lake here that has a walking trail. We shall see. If not tomorrow, we will be going soon.
Well, I need to prepare for bed. I will be sure to remind Tina to take the camera,so you all can see what goes on in this small town.
Hitty Hugs, Molly Marie


Friday, October 15, 2010

Hitty Molly's Grandest Adventure while in Azure Hollow

October 15, 2010

Dear Diary,

The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity. I feel I must forego much of the “regular” activities to write of my grandest adventure while in Azure Hollow.

For my final yet spectacular episode here, it was a planned that I would meet a VIP. Deedee and the other Hittys made arrangements prior to my arrival to meet the town mayor. I was aghast at this news and felt humbled to be able to meet the man the town thinks so highly of.

Since the town is small, the mayor’s office is adjacent to other city offices. Prior to our visit, he had asked Deedee on the phone about Hitty’s origin and first book. He showed the utmost interest in spelling my name right!

All morning the estate staff members went about their work in a subdued, almost nervous manner. They even treated me a bit like royalty! I was continually reassured, however, that the mayor is a gracious man who puts people at ease immediately.

We arrived at City Hall at our scheduled time. Needless to say, I was very nervous awaiting his arrival. Mr. Mayor was delightful and welcomed me to town. We enjoyed our short visit and photo shoot.

He presented Deedee with a proclamation, calling October 13, 2010, “Hitty Molly Marie Mahogany Day” and asked all citizens to remember the day to celebrate Hitty. Deedee especially was very pleased. I was “ over the moon.”

I will always remember my time at Azure Estates, in Azure Hollow, and this lovely, quiet town. I am done in for the day. Tomorrow I leave for Tina and the RockBottom Hittys. I know my dreams tonight will be sweet….

Signing off…

Molly Marie Mahogany

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Molly Escorted to Plumfield B&B

October 12, 2010

Dear Diary,

After leaving the Chalet, I was escorted to Plumfield B&B by Emma. The first person I met was Regina Marie, Plumfield’s concierge. After supper, I went out to chore with Linda. We gathered eggs and I noticed that they were green!

I have always fancied horses, and to see one up close was beyond my expectations.

What a party we had that first evening! Cookies, taffy, and other sweets were eaten in abundance.

When it was all over, Granny Plum came to “just tuck you in.”

It was so thoughtful.

The next day, I was all up and ready for whatever should happen. I am flabbergasted at the amount of hard work and energy it takes to keep an estate up and running. To begin with, I helped Regina Marie with the making of beds. I didn’t know how meticulous the task can be! Next, I wandered to the kitchen, following my nose most of the way thereJ. I found Linda mixing bread dough. It was quite hard for me to wait, as I like to peek in to check on it.

Later, Lady Annette and I hauled a load of pumpkins.

We must have been a sight to behold, struggling with the wheelbarrel. I am sure Lady Annette would have found it an easier task without my assistance!

After this I retired into the Recreation room for a little relaxation.

Brenda came in and said, “Oh, I’m so glad to see you! Will you please read me a story?” I could see she had a book in her hand so I readily agreed.

Another day found us traveling out to a flea market garage sale. We found interesting items. We explored a box of tools

and met some fine clowns

but didn’t find anything to bring home.

There are many interesting signs in the area. Here are a few that made me laugh.

I will write more when time allows…they are treating me as one of their own and are keeping me busy!

Hitty Molly

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mary Ann's last post for Molly Marie

October 8, 2010---

Dear Diary,

I have been kept very busy this past week. Aside from the daily life of chores, baking, sewing, and various other duties, we have had opportunities to visit local attractions.

Wakarusa is a nearby town that boast some unusual events and stores. Each March the town square hosts the Maple Syrup Festival. (Maple-sugaring is prolific in the area and is a sure sign of spring being around the corner.) Not only do vendors come and sell wares, but schoolchildren can take tours of local syrup shacks. At Christmas, they place a huge tree in the middle of the town’s intersection.

Of course you know what stands there now----a huge pumpkin “tree”---I was so excited by this oddity that I insisted on a picture. The Chalet ladies chuckled as they explained that everyone who visits reacts the same way. The tree stands about 20 feet tall.

Only a few stones-throw away is a quaint little quilting fabric shop named Jeanette’s Quilts and Fabrics. The ladies who work there are very fond of Deedee and the dolls she brings in. They were quite pleased to make my acquaintance.

Often Deedee will bring a doll and carefully search through the fat quarters and eighths bins. The ladies nod in approval of Deedee’s choice of fabrics. Some of the pieces are stored in the lovely dresser. The Chalet ladies and I had to check out the variety of fabrics.

After checking out the high line of sewing machines we headed for the other BIG attraction in town. The Dime Store is an old-fashioned candy store. Wakarusa is home of the giant, jumbo jellybean. Picture if you will a jellybean 1 ½ “ long. The gals wanted me to check out the flavors.

I also wanted to check out the other old-fashioned candies.

We then waited to get a Coke but found that they didn’t sell them in Hitty size

We did find a rather unusual kitchen in this candy store----all these delicious cookies are really doggie cookies! (Major, this is for you.) They really do look good enough to eat.

It is a nice display…enough to make any man or dog drool!

The final delight we found in the candy store was a colorful array of Sixlets, in “pour your own amounts.” Isabella and I aided Deedee as she decided on which to pour. We tried to convince her of the pinks, but she is definitely a blues girl!

I leave the Chalet with new friends and wonderful memories. This evening the ladies will walk me across the lawn to Plumfield Bed and Breakfast. I have caught whispers that some fun awaits me tonight and next week!

Putting my pen away in order to pack my things….

Singing and signing off…

Molly Marie Mahogany

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hitty Molly Marie in Nappanee

Sept. 30, 2010---

Dear Diary,

How happy I was to finally arrive in the little hamlet of Nappanee, Indiana.

What a far distance from Flintstone. I was eager to get out and stretch my stiff wooden legs. Dr. Isabella and I looked through my luggage to make sure all was safe.

Mary Ann is my person host. DeeDee was first on the list but begged off due to the Hittys at Azure Estates being all atwitter, feeling not ready to receive me in the royal manner they had anticipated. Never mind. I am in the curious position of being able to see A.E. from my window. The Chalet, where I am staying, is on the other end of Azure Estates property!

Dr. Isabella brought me from the mail station to the Chalet. Imagine my surprise to see families traveling by horse and buggy! Isabella explained the community and the necessity to “watch where you are stepping” whenever you are uptown. Uptown consists of the town square, which isn’t a square at all but rather an intersection. A state highway intersects with a national highway…many small-town businesses vie for space at the intersection.

We pulled in to the Estates in a manner of minutes. One perk of small-town living is that everything is so handy. Once home, Isabella took me to the kitchen for a slice of pie and lemonade.

We had nice small talk about my journey and if there were any places I specifically wanted to see.

The Chalet is a boarding home for many fine Hittys. Isabella is the town doctor and often doubles as the town vet. Azure Estates (including the Chalet) boasts about 30 residents. Farming, weaving, spinning, furniture making, sewing, and cooking are the services rendered here.

The town and atmosphere are so different from Flintstone. We ended up going to a local flea market/antique mall. We met many fine small characters there.

One man, a lonely “Lefton” fisherman, was discouraged about his lack of catch. We were happy to give him a pep talk.

We then ran into two Dalmation pups. They were so cute but rambunctious! We feared they would wreak havoc in the store.

We also found a lovely cast iron whale to admire.

Finally, we met a lovely maiden on her way to deliver gifts from a sleigh…she asked directions and of course Isabella knew which way she needed to go. By her clothing I deduced that she wasn’t from these parts…

The weather has been chilly. How toasty I am this evening, sitting on my bed, after having written in my journal of the day’s events.

Singing and signing off,

Molly Marie