Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Alice and camp

Dear Diary; Things have kept up at a brisk pace here at camp. The evenings are more laid back as only the adult staff is in camp. We've had lots of fun! Granny sure enjoys managing the cooking. Bernard has been such a good worker. No one could slight him for whisking away one afternoon to get in his favorite fishing hole. John and Peter took advantage of a siesta or two with the giant hammock their grandfather donated to Azure Estates, years ago. The girls were enthralled with the idea of "being at camp." They learned a lot about camp-play and cooking. Miss Peg oversees the firepit. Finally, it is time for afternoon naps. The girls protest but do find the temptation to lay down in each tent too much. One girl is shy, but then is given her teddy and soon all are fast asleep. I look in to see that all is well. We have fun visiting during nap, staying nearby in case we are needed. I finally get the girls up for a bit of camptime then time for home. We find the evenings very relaxing and enjoyable. We do enjoy each others' genteel and adult company. Here we are with the girls and the camp staff. Diary, camp is about to close. We are especially grateful to Deedee who was our professional photographer. We feel she captured well the ambience of Azure Hollow Kinder Camp Week. What a grand adventure all of my travels have afforded me. I now await finding out where my permanent residence will be. I thank all for your interest in my journeys! Alice Travel Doll Drum roll please...................................................... ............ Alice will be going to live with Kathleen and The Vicarage Hitties in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Alice in Nappanee, installment #2

July 27, 2013 Dear Diary; Things have been busy here at Azure Hollow Kinder Day Camp! The girls have arrived, we have had our fieldtrip, and camp continues. We have enjoyed lovely weather but a storm threatens tonight. We shall see if we ladies weather the evening in the tents! Miss Peg and I spent time the first morning going over the week's events. She is quite organized and has left no detail unturned. The kinder girls were so cute as they trudged to the campsite. They were all giggles as they were introduced to each other and explored the camp. After play time, I sat the girls down and discussed our feldtrip. We would be going into Nappanee, Azure Hollow's local historical spot. Handyman John will shuttle us to town. Since it is on the Heritage Historical Trail (which is about 90 miles long), there are some unique sights to see. The first place we saw was the side of John's Butcher Shop. The painted wall quilts are eye-catching. New to Nappanee are "apples," each painted for an area/or interest in town. In front of the quilts is the sewing apple. On the backside of the apple is a lovely painted quilt pattern. The first quilt flower garden we see is near the Nappanee Historical Museum. Since the Railway was so important to Nappanee's growth, the "quilt" is of a train. Quilted Flower Gardens are all along the Heritage Trail. The other quilted flower garden in town is by the Coppes building. Coppes used to make beautiful kitchen and household cabinets. The abandoned building is still in the process of being converted into a lovely mall of unique, local wares. Coppes building still displays old advertisments. I like the old-world feeling of these words. Diary, I must go as I am being beckoned to play jumprope with the girls. More later! Alice

Monday, July 22, 2013

I arrived in Azure Hollow (Nappanee, IN) two weeks ago

Sunday, July 21, 2013 Dear Diary; It seems impossible that I arrived in Azure Hollow (Nappanee, IN) two weeks ago. My hostess has had a few surprises, including an out-of-state family guest. The day after the guest arrived, the Hostess took a bad fall on an uneven sidewalk and required six stitches in her head. Her eyebrow is still swollen and her eyes are toting two amazing shiners! It was decided that my visit at that time should remain a convalescence to my Hetty scare. I have been helping around the Hollow and the wait has been worth it…. The weather has been lovely. Very warm during the days but the morning have been fair. I was informed that there was need of a summer day-camp kindergarten teacher. I volunteered and the fun began! Here I am, enjoying the summer yard:
There is lots of work to do before the camp begins. The four kinder girls will be assigned to our tents. The parents will bring the girls to the Estates, then we will walk to the tents and spend the day with the girls. Parents are welcome to stay. After the day’s events, the girls will be sent home. They will return daily for the week. During camp hours we are to go on field trips as well as do various activities. Several handymen from Azure Estates will assist us where needed. The teachers will stay in the tents during the night. The girls will nap in them during the day. Hitties Linda, Bernard, Regina Marie, and Tina gets things going. Hitty Linda works on the details. Shelby, self-appointed guard dog, sizes things up. Bernard brings the ever-important trashcan. John sets up the grill, careful of nearby foliage. John, Pete, and Granny work hard to make it an inviting site. I was thrilled to find two other Polish ladies working at A.E.! This fine woman is the camp Matron, Miss Peg. Ureka, another distant cousin. Camp begins tomorrow. The kinders arrive and the activities commence. Stay tuned for Azure Hollow Day Camp adventures! (Thanks, Linda!)

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Visis at the Farm Draw....................................................

Dear Readers, My time in Mo is drawing to a close and altho I have enjoyed my visit except for the Hetty Hickory episode!) I will be glad to be moving along to the next address. Indiana here I come!! I do not believe I have mentioned that my hosts have been delightful but they are a rather sheltered and unsophisticated group. In spite of the presence of horrid Hetty they are very childlike. Today was an example of that. For my final day they wished to play dolls outside on the porch. The weather was very nice and it was a pleasant way to pass the time. I persuaded them that we did not need to take ALL of their dollies outside. Goodness they must have 14 or more dollies. Their person encourages this pastime and is always on the lookout for a new doll for them. I was rather impressed with the buggies the girls brought out to show me. The bitty Hitty wanted me to push her about in the stroller and we had a nice time promenading to and fro. My visit here has been interesting. I am ready now for the next chapter!! I shall hop aboard the postal bus tomorrow. Until then...good bye! Alice

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What a Day!!!

Dear Readers well I must say that today was quite an adventure. First of all let me assure everyone that the Country Hittys of Missouri do not exaggerate when they claim that Hetty Hickory is an awful old thing. SHE IS!!! Let me relate what happened today. It all started very pleasantly. I was invited by Hetty to join her in her cabin..which is quite homey and very comfy. She had heard of my interest in the Fairy home and told me that she knew the location of an elfin home in the nearby woods. And indeed she did!! IT was such a charming little home and he was a very friendly little fellow.. or so I thought. During our visit he told me that Hetty could converse with the woodland creatures and if I wanted to make friends with a bird (remember the bird bath incident?) she could make this happen. I was thrilled to learn this and begged that some of the Hittys could be with me to see this wonderous thing. Hetty gladly agreed......she persuaded us to walk into this lovely white structure....that turned out to be a BIRD CAGE!! We were trapped!!! And Hetty just cackled away at our plight. Luckily for us the Hittys person found us and rescued us. She took us to her work shop to let us calm ourselves. We got to see what she does her carving. How odd to see those limbs lying about. I am ready for a good nights sleep after this day!! I do believe I will be quite happy to be leaving soon for Indiana!! I just do not understand how these Hittys can be so cheerful with that awful nut head lurking about the place! Wearily yours, Alice

Friday, June 28, 2013

Another day of Adventure

Dear Readers, Today was a lovely day of fun and games in the out of doors. We started the day with an exploration of some of the flower beds. I got to climb the clematis vine and wave to everyone. The person who lives here has a strange fascination with large (to me) glass gazing balls. There are several of them scattered about. The hittys showed me how to climb them. Rather nice to sit up and take in the view but I am not sure what real purpose they have. Hitty Mallory persuaded me to sit with her in the bird bath. She said that if we were very quiet we could make a new friend. I confess that I do not have any bird friends yet. Did you know that there are Fairies here? I was so excited to hear of this. We visited their house today but no one was home. I am determined to meet these wee folk before I leave here. We got to climb one of the Mulberry trees in the yard. Those berries are quite yummy. After this activity we were all quite tired and hot. We decided to postpone our picnic until tomorrow. Tonight we are going to just relax with iced tea and some good books. Alice