Friday, May 11, 2012

and the winner is.................................................................
My forever home is with............ Tina & The Rock Bottom Hittys
Hello Friends! There was an unforeseen occurance and my hostess was under the weather for a few days. Never fear, though, as I have been having a very good chat session with Becassine. I've been sharing my travel stories with her and she has been telling me about her history. Becassine gave me a few flowering plants to remind me of springtime. Becassine had also crocheted me a nice blanket to take with me to my forever home. And of course, baby elephant, who won't detach himself from me at all.
I received many lovely gifts from the hostesses along my way and I thank each and everyone, very much! I have good memories that go with each item!
It is time for the drawing, to see where I go for my forever home. The excitement builds!! Hitty Agatha

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A flowering shrub................................. My hostess and I were spending some time outdoors this evening. It was quite warm today and even now the outside temp is 84 degrees. I posed in front of a flowering shrub out in the yard. This is an Oleander shrub. While driving around town today with my hostess, I say many of them. Some had white flowers, red flowers, or pink flowers and many of them were very tall. Most that I saw were planted to be dividers between yards. After we got home, I researched about these shrubs on the computer. I learned that they can grow as tall as 20 ft. and I'm sure that many I saw today were this tall! They also can tolerate bad soil, lots of hot sun (both of which exist here in the desert!) and they don't need much water, another plus when living in the desert. The downside of these shrubs, though, is that the oleander is poisonous. One has to make sure that the children and pets don't eat the leaves or the flowers. The dog that lives here, Lady, has never eaten anything from this shrub, thank goodness. Lady is an older dog now but in many ways she still acts like a pup when it comes to chewing on things. Leave any kindling lying around for firewood, or any pinecones, and Lady helps herself to them!
Oh my, that is terrible, what happened to those guys who used the oleander branches to cook hotdogs! A strong lesson to educate yourself on local plant life! I did read, while researching, the statement that the branches and leaves were not to be used in a barbeque fire. It is very scary, to me, to have a poisonous plant on the property! My hostess feels the same way and said it would not hurt her feelings any if the rest of the shrubs were cut down. Better to plant something that isn't harmful to anyone! Hitty Agatha

Monday, May 7, 2012

4th Episode After a few days of R & R, Hitty Agatha and the DIT's are back to questioning more residents. They came upon Mouse and asked him if he had seen the missing guinea pigs. Mouse says "No, I've not seen anything like that. I and one of my offspring, here with me, just left the garden. It looked like someone had been in there and there are some fresh veggies missing. Of course, my offspring and I had a few samples but all the empty spots are not from us."
"Thank you Mouse" says the DIT's. Hitty Agatha says, "I suspect the kidnappers raided the garden for food for themselves and the guinea pigs. So at least we know they have not gone hungry." Further on in their travels, Hitty Agatha and the DIT's come upon a Leprechaun resting at the base of a tree. Toby asks the Leprechaun is he has seen any lost guinea pigs. "I've been traveling hither and yon, searching for my pot of gold. I have not seen any such critters in my travels" says the Leprechaun.
The Leprechaun says, while pointing, "You should check out something down the road from here. I've been hearing some strange animal noises and also what sounds like giggling and talk that comes from humans."
Hitty Agatha and the DIT's follow the Leprechaun's suggestion and the closer they get, the louder the laughter and talking. All three, in unison, say "I think I know where the guineas are!!" The DIT's said, "We'll catch the kidnappers red-handed, too! They are making so much noise, I'm sure they can't hear us approaching!" The three approach a tent where the noise is coming from and they stand there and listen for a few minutes.
Hitty Agatha opens the front flap on the tent and SURPRISE! There are the culprits and the rest of the missing guinea pigs! And there appears to be............WHAT?!?! A baby elephant?!?!?!!!
Hitty Agatha and the DIT's, with the help of the 3 kidnappers, are able to get the guinea pigs back to their own habitat.
No one is quite sure about the baby elephant! The boys tell differing stories about how it came about. And one thing about it being a doll's world, anything is possible!!! The baby elephant seems to have taken a liking to Hitty Agatha. Agatha says that she has the same great love for animals that her carve Mom has and she thinks the baby elephant can sense this love and has attached itself to Agatha! Charlie, being the tallest of the boys, admitted that he was the culprit who took the little piggies from their cage. And Clayton and little David were right behind him, egging him on! Little David was the one who knew about the tent and suggested it would be a good hideout for the boys and the little critters. And yes, they robbed veggies from the vegetable garden, to feed the critters and themselves. It is still a mystery as to where the baby elephant came from. Little David also admitted to getting into the flour. He says it is great for making roads and hills for his little cars! All the boys will have to check in with Becassine and give her an accounting of their bad deeds. We have every confidence that Becassine, being the good nanny that she is, will be able to met out proper punishment to the boys for their deeds! Hitty Agatha is relaxing after the solving of the mystery and working with the 2 young DIT's. She is taking a stroll, enjoying the nice evening air. Baby Elephant is walking with her, she won't let Agatha out of her site! It appears Hitty Agatha has another travel companion to keep her company!
Agatha is feeling good that it was a happy outcome for the guinea pigs. And the two young DIT's are happy as they got their Detective Certificates!! They are now full fledged detectives, just like Hitty Agatha! All this is going through Agatha's mind, as she strolls along. "All is well that ends well!", says Hitty Agatha.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

3rd episode And the investigating of the missing guinea pigs continues! Next, Hitty Agatha, Tony and Toby come upon the Raggedys, Annie & Andy, and Teddy. Tony is questioning Annie and Toby is questioning Andy. The boys ask, "Have any of you seen any guinea pigs go by here?" All 3 answered "no" in unison. They said they hope the guinea pigs are found and returned to their home. They just arrived here after some adventures of their own and they know what it is like to be lost!
Hitty Agatha and the boys travel on and what is this?!?!! "It can't be snow!" says Tony. "The temperature is too warm and it would be melted!" "It is flour!" says Toby. "I remember hearing of a little boy who likes to get into the flour canister and get some to build roads and hills for his toy cars! Next we'll have to find out who and where this little boy is!"
Hitty Agatha says, "Look, there are some animal footprints outside of the flour; it looks like the guinea pigs may have come this way." The boys said, "Yes, and there are some larger footprints that look to belong to feet larger than the guinea pigs feet! I see one the shape of a boy's shoe, but what made the other footprints?? We have a FEW mysteries to solve!!"
The boys and Hitty Agatha heard a noise, like a guinea pig makes, and they followed the noise. Lo & behold, one of the guinea pigs found his way back home! "I bet the poor little thing is thirsty and hungry!" says Hitty Agatha.
Now to find the other missing guinea pigs and to solve the other mysteries!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Agatha-2nd episode Tony and Toby were checking out the critters that live here and when they came up to the guinea pig cage, lo & behold, there were no guinea pigs in it!! Hitty Agatha says: "Where could they have gotten to?? There is no way they got out of the cage by themselves." "They had to have help. We sure hope they weren't stolen!!" said Tony and Toby.
"We've got our trusty magnifying glasses to help us search for clues. We need to question some of the dolls who live here, to see if they know anything about this." said Tony and Toby. "That is very smart thinking boys." says Hitty Agatha. "Amelia, have you seen any guinea pigs run by here?" asked Tony. "I've been very busy rocking my baby doll to sleep. I'm sure I would have noticed the guinea pigs, though, if they HAD come through here! Maybe you could ask Smurf. He is over there pouting 'cause he is jealous that my baby doll is getting most of the attention." says Amelia Thimble.
"Smurf, have you seen any guinea pigs run by here?" asked Toby. Smurf just stood there with his arms crossed and didn't answer Toby, so Toby took that to mean the answer was no!
Hitty Agatha and the two young detectives continue on their way, to question some other doll people.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hitty Agatha Arrives in California There was a rumor that a famous lady detective was coming to visit us in California. There are two DIT's (Detectives In Training) that live here and they were VERY excited to hear of the arrival of this famous person! We'd like to introduce you to the DIT twins, Tony and Toby. They think one of their best detecting secrets is that they are identical twins and no one can tell them apart! Here are Tony and Toby, waiting patiently by the mailbox for the arrival of our visitor. Oops!! Now here you can see they are in need of Hitty Agatha's expertise! Do you know what is wrong in this picture?
Did you guess the answer? Yes, this is a mailbox where OUTGOING mail is deposited! Not a mailbox for incoming mail!! Well, these two little guys are still in training! We hope Hitty Agatha can hone their detecting skills! Our visitor almost didn't make it to us on her specified arrival day! The mail person left a postal pick-up slip in the mailbox, without attempting to deliver Hitty Agatha to the household, even though someone was home and on the lookout for her! The grandson saved the day and he went to the post office and got Hitty Agatha so she was able to arrive as scheduled! Hooray! Tony and Toby are on top of the box that Hitty Agatha arrived in. They have their magnifying glasses in hand and their briefcases to keep their notes in; they are well prepared and very anxious to meet the famous lady detective.
And the great moment has arrived when Tony and Toby get to meet the famous Hitty Agatha! They are most happy to make her acquaintance! Hitty Agatha says, "I'm honored to be working with these young DIT's, Tony and Toby. And what a nice welcome they have given me!"