Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hitty Agatha Arrives in California There was a rumor that a famous lady detective was coming to visit us in California. There are two DIT's (Detectives In Training) that live here and they were VERY excited to hear of the arrival of this famous person! We'd like to introduce you to the DIT twins, Tony and Toby. They think one of their best detecting secrets is that they are identical twins and no one can tell them apart! Here are Tony and Toby, waiting patiently by the mailbox for the arrival of our visitor. Oops!! Now here you can see they are in need of Hitty Agatha's expertise! Do you know what is wrong in this picture?
Did you guess the answer? Yes, this is a mailbox where OUTGOING mail is deposited! Not a mailbox for incoming mail!! Well, these two little guys are still in training! We hope Hitty Agatha can hone their detecting skills! Our visitor almost didn't make it to us on her specified arrival day! The mail person left a postal pick-up slip in the mailbox, without attempting to deliver Hitty Agatha to the household, even though someone was home and on the lookout for her! The grandson saved the day and he went to the post office and got Hitty Agatha so she was able to arrive as scheduled! Hooray! Tony and Toby are on top of the box that Hitty Agatha arrived in. They have their magnifying glasses in hand and their briefcases to keep their notes in; they are well prepared and very anxious to meet the famous lady detective.
And the great moment has arrived when Tony and Toby get to meet the famous Hitty Agatha! They are most happy to make her acquaintance! Hitty Agatha says, "I'm honored to be working with these young DIT's, Tony and Toby. And what a nice welcome they have given me!"

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