Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hitty Molly Marie Mahongany arrives in Flintstone

Knock-Knock-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my now who could that be? Isn't anyone sitting on the porch can nooneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help who is at the door says, Hitty Gerty. Butch oohhhhhhhh oh never mind you are working on your four wheeler. Well it is Kirk the postman-oh what do you have in your hand. Kirk says it is a package from illinois I need to get your signature Gerty. Oh my yes girls boys it is from Illinois-ohmy oh me It is Hitty Molly. Thank-you so much Kirk. Bye now he says.
Hurry into the house ohhhhhhhhh I am so excited-we have Molly our travel doll-SHE IS HERE.

Hitty Gerty rushes into the house, girls-boys, Becassine come quick. Hitty Molly Marie, the package it she is HERE>
Hitty Gerty, Mike Becassine and Hitty Marcia have opened the box. There is plastic wrap in there. Where is she oh my unwrap be careful.

Welcome to Flintstone Hitty Molly Marie, thanks so very much, it is sooo good to be outa that box and to be able to streatch. how are you all.

Hitty Molly is so very tired. We have found her a nightgown to wear. This is a nightgown her carve Mom made in a swap for the hitties that live here. Hitty Molly thanks the girls so much. Hitty Laura and Hitty Steffie show Hitty Molly the way to the inn. The room was fixed up just for her.This is the first time a guest has stayed at The Bedrock Inn. They show her the room she will be staying in. the bed is all ready for her. The girls decide to stay till she goes to sleep.

That was not long she is already alsleep. lets go get ready for bed ourselves.

Hello, This is my first morning in Flintstone. I slept so well last night. Linda says we are going to go over to the Alpine Pantry to get a couple things. here we are.
Sincerely MMM

This is a view of the road right outside the pantry.