Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I hope everyone has been able to read the posts of our Traveling Molly Marie. She has certainly had some wonderful adventures and made some unforgettable friends these past several weeks, from one Hitty hostess family to another and to think, from one side of our country to the other, as well. As Molly's postal flight heads overhead tonight, it is time to put each hostess' name into a hat and draw out her final destination! Being the trusty soul mate of her carver, D'Marie, Mike has been chosen to pick out the name of Molly Marie's last stop on her trip.

Drum roll, please..... Give me an 'D', give me an 'N', give me an 'A'... DNA??... Well, even Hitty Molly Marie started out with DNA! Give me an 'I', Give me an 'L'! Shuffle 'em all together, you get our fearless leader, "Linda"!

Congratulations, Molly Marie.... you have been blessed with a great new Hitty Mom and a lot of future fun! Congratulations, Linda B., your home will make a wonderful one for Molly Marie! There are so many goodies, along with lots of love and fun gathered from each hostess family... what an awesome time Molly has had!

Thank you to everyone who participated in Molly's Travels!!
Is that an echo of a 'Yipppppeeeee" coming all the way from the Maryland National Pike Road?

Enclosing Giant Hitty Hugs... d'

Hitty Molly arrived this morning. We are so very excited that she and Sara has returned for good to Flintstone. Thanks D"Marie for letting us have her and thanks to every hostess who hosted her and made her some very special things to bring to her forever home. Hugs, Linda , Hitty Molly and Sara

She is helped outa the box by hitty Steffie and Mabel/

Monday, January 3, 2011

In which Molly learns to knit and Bidding Farewell to Tulsa

Dear Friends, I've acquired a new hobby! The Vicarage girls are avid needleworkers and they have most generously taught me to knit.

Isabelle says I am a natural. (I blush as I write this.) But I have finished my first project, a satchel!

I have so many things to pack for my journey to my forever home that I needed some luggage. I will admit to a little help from Kathleen in finishing this so quickly. Can you tell how happy I am with my new bag in the photo?

Knittingly yours, Molly Marie

Bidding farewell to Tulsa.................

Oh my dear friends, it is with mixed emotions that I write this final note from Tulsa. I have had such a lovely holiday visit here at the Vicarage. Sara Beth and I have felt right at home the entire trip. Isabelle tells me that tomorrow I will board the postal bus so I must pack. As you will see from my pictures my trunks are quite a bit heavier than when I left home! Everyone has been so generous. I am going to my forever home with a whole new wardrobe and lovely things for the house.

Today was not all work however. Isabelle and Myrtle Armeline hosted a farewell tea in my honor. You can always count on a sweet treat and a convivial cup of tea at the Vicarage!

I must keep this short as my travels will be tiring. Kathleen says I am not to tell my destination. All I can say is that I am so very happy to be heading to my forever home. I know my welcome there will be a warm one. I must admit it makes me smile to think of so many lovely friends watching for the postal bus and hoping it stops at their house. Soon my special friend I will be home! Yours always, Molly Marie