Monday, January 3, 2011

In which Molly learns to knit and Bidding Farewell to Tulsa

Dear Friends, I've acquired a new hobby! The Vicarage girls are avid needleworkers and they have most generously taught me to knit.

Isabelle says I am a natural. (I blush as I write this.) But I have finished my first project, a satchel!

I have so many things to pack for my journey to my forever home that I needed some luggage. I will admit to a little help from Kathleen in finishing this so quickly. Can you tell how happy I am with my new bag in the photo?

Knittingly yours, Molly Marie

Bidding farewell to Tulsa.................

Oh my dear friends, it is with mixed emotions that I write this final note from Tulsa. I have had such a lovely holiday visit here at the Vicarage. Sara Beth and I have felt right at home the entire trip. Isabelle tells me that tomorrow I will board the postal bus so I must pack. As you will see from my pictures my trunks are quite a bit heavier than when I left home! Everyone has been so generous. I am going to my forever home with a whole new wardrobe and lovely things for the house.

Today was not all work however. Isabelle and Myrtle Armeline hosted a farewell tea in my honor. You can always count on a sweet treat and a convivial cup of tea at the Vicarage!

I must keep this short as my travels will be tiring. Kathleen says I am not to tell my destination. All I can say is that I am so very happy to be heading to my forever home. I know my welcome there will be a warm one. I must admit it makes me smile to think of so many lovely friends watching for the postal bus and hoping it stops at their house. Soon my special friend I will be home! Yours always, Molly Marie

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