Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mehitabel is Home

"Anytime now sugar,'Jenny replied to the youngster. Having been just born yesterday, the youngster was new to how the mail was delivered. The youngster squirmed and pouted a bit.

"It is hot out here," she fussed again.

But this time it wasn't Jenny that answered here. "It is hot IN here too!" a tiny voice from inside the mailbox said.

Mehitabel kicked open the lid with the help of the Hickory tot and they stuck their head outside. "Whew, much better. It is hot here."

Lester said, "Let's go for a quick sailboat ride to cool us off!"

They all piled onto the sailboat while the brave Captain piloted the craft thru the rain swollen river. He circled around so they could catch the best breeze. The land had dissapeared from view.

"Wow," cried Mehitabel,"this is cool". And even the pouty youngster agreed for once.

Finally the great Captain turn the craft around to head back. "Let me know when you see land."

The waves rolled and the wind sang thru the sails. The song started putting Mehitabel to sleep. Suddenly she jumped up and yelled, "Land Ho! I see my home!"

They all hugged her and said, "Yes Mehitabel, it is now your home."

"Oh yes," she cried. "My home

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello Dear Friends, I can scarcely believe that my time is Tulsa is at an end. Even more difficult to believe is that my travels will soon be over. I am filled with memories and with anticipation. To think that I will be returning to one of my dear friends to take up permanent residence makes my pegs tingle!

But I am getting ahead of myself. I want to tell you about all we have been doing in Tulsa. We spent a most enjoyable day at the Philbrook Art Museum. The museum was built around the same time that "Hitty" was written. It is now a splendid museum with stunning gardens. Of special interest to me was the Egyptian exhibit. I even bought a necklace made in Egypt of beads similar to those found in some of the tombs.

The Vicarage Hitties are avid knitters and they have gifted me with a cozy little shawl knit from cashmere! It feels so luxurious. I admired some striped knitted dresses the girls were wearing and wouldn't you know it, Isabelle knit one for me.

Kathleen has added pictures in my travel album she tells me there are now over 140 pictures in my album, imagine! Be sure to look at the picture showing all the wonderful gifts that have been given to me during my travels. I hope I can still fit in the box with them!

Farewell dear friends. I wonder where my travels will take me next?? Fondly, Mehitabel

Marcia and her Mom

were in a Gallery when we did the drawing. I went there yesterday to see what this gallery show was all about. It was mostly paintings and then I asked her about carvings and if wooden dolls qualify. Thats how the 'drawing' came about. Mom was with me and we were explaining to the curator about these Hitty dolls..she was facinated. And I told her mom had to draw a name for a winner of a
travel doll. Then she wanted to know what that was all about. Pretty soon there were three other ladies standing there listening... So mom said if you have the names ready I'll draw one... and I did.. so they all got to watch. One gal remembered reading Hitty.And mehitabel will be traveling to ............ ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... ......... .Spiro, Oklahoma to be with her New Mom Wandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mehitabel's 4th Of July Celebration and Parade

Happy 4th of July dear friends! I thought I would take a break from the celebrations here and share some photos of our fun. The Vicarage girls organized a 4th of July Parade today. They were kind enough to loan me a dress and apron in appropriate colors. I was so honored when they asked me to be the Grand Marshal of the parade.

After the parade we enjoyed a delicious summer picnic. As you will see in the pictures cookies played a major role in the menu. One thing I've learned is that cookies are never in short supply at the Vicarage.

During the picnic I shared some information on Flag Protocol and then to lighten the mood Isabelle brought out the shiniest patriotic hats I've ever seen. We had such fun modeling them.

I will attach a few pictures in several emails so as not to fill your inboxes. I will also post these pictures in my travel album.

I hope that you are all celebrating a safe and happy 4th. Patriotically yours, Mehitabel