Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mehitabel is Home

"Anytime now sugar,'Jenny replied to the youngster. Having been just born yesterday, the youngster was new to how the mail was delivered. The youngster squirmed and pouted a bit.

"It is hot out here," she fussed again.

But this time it wasn't Jenny that answered here. "It is hot IN here too!" a tiny voice from inside the mailbox said.

Mehitabel kicked open the lid with the help of the Hickory tot and they stuck their head outside. "Whew, much better. It is hot here."

Lester said, "Let's go for a quick sailboat ride to cool us off!"

They all piled onto the sailboat while the brave Captain piloted the craft thru the rain swollen river. He circled around so they could catch the best breeze. The land had dissapeared from view.

"Wow," cried Mehitabel,"this is cool". And even the pouty youngster agreed for once.

Finally the great Captain turn the craft around to head back. "Let me know when you see land."

The waves rolled and the wind sang thru the sails. The song started putting Mehitabel to sleep. Suddenly she jumped up and yelled, "Land Ho! I see my home!"

They all hugged her and said, "Yes Mehitabel, it is now your home."

"Oh yes," she cried. "My home

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