Saturday, June 29, 2013

What a Day!!!

Dear Readers well I must say that today was quite an adventure. First of all let me assure everyone that the Country Hittys of Missouri do not exaggerate when they claim that Hetty Hickory is an awful old thing. SHE IS!!! Let me relate what happened today. It all started very pleasantly. I was invited by Hetty to join her in her cabin..which is quite homey and very comfy. She had heard of my interest in the Fairy home and told me that she knew the location of an elfin home in the nearby woods. And indeed she did!! IT was such a charming little home and he was a very friendly little fellow.. or so I thought. During our visit he told me that Hetty could converse with the woodland creatures and if I wanted to make friends with a bird (remember the bird bath incident?) she could make this happen. I was thrilled to learn this and begged that some of the Hittys could be with me to see this wonderous thing. Hetty gladly agreed......she persuaded us to walk into this lovely white structure....that turned out to be a BIRD CAGE!! We were trapped!!! And Hetty just cackled away at our plight. Luckily for us the Hittys person found us and rescued us. She took us to her work shop to let us calm ourselves. We got to see what she does her carving. How odd to see those limbs lying about. I am ready for a good nights sleep after this day!! I do believe I will be quite happy to be leaving soon for Indiana!! I just do not understand how these Hittys can be so cheerful with that awful nut head lurking about the place! Wearily yours, Alice

Friday, June 28, 2013

Another day of Adventure

Dear Readers, Today was a lovely day of fun and games in the out of doors. We started the day with an exploration of some of the flower beds. I got to climb the clematis vine and wave to everyone. The person who lives here has a strange fascination with large (to me) glass gazing balls. There are several of them scattered about. The hittys showed me how to climb them. Rather nice to sit up and take in the view but I am not sure what real purpose they have. Hitty Mallory persuaded me to sit with her in the bird bath. She said that if we were very quiet we could make a new friend. I confess that I do not have any bird friends yet. Did you know that there are Fairies here? I was so excited to hear of this. We visited their house today but no one was home. I am determined to meet these wee folk before I leave here. We got to climb one of the Mulberry trees in the yard. Those berries are quite yummy. After this activity we were all quite tired and hot. We decided to postpone our picnic until tomorrow. Tonight we are going to just relax with iced tea and some good books. Alice

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alice in Missouri

Dear Readers, I have arrived safely in Missouri. The trip here was uneventful and I was delivered to the door of my current hosts. The Country Hittys are quite a pleasant group. They have extensive gardening experience but as it was VERY hot today we spent the time indoors getting to know one another. They hosted a lovely reception complete with jasmine tea and very tasty baked goods. Tomorrow we are to go on a picnic with all of the girls. As there was free time in the afternoon I decided to investigate some of the other doll persons that live here. I met a group of babies, not great conversationalists but a cute bunch. I also made the acquaintance of some rather large girls! I found them a bit intimidating but they were all quite polite. I shall post more tomorrow when I get a chance to see the country side. Sincerely, Alice

Friday, June 21, 2013

Alice is Packing Again

It is hard to believe but it is time to begin the next part of my travels. I have had such a good time visiting with the Vicarage Hitties and enjoying the lovely flowers and plants. I was so touched when Isabelle and the girls threw me a going away tea. We had the most delicious chocolate cake. I'm wearing a new dress that Kathleen made for me. She was trying out a new thread and thought the dress suited me. I'm acquiring quite a wardrobe on this trip! After the tea I posed for one last formal portrait in my new dress. Who would have thought when I traveled from Poland all those years ago that I would have such adventures? Kathleen tells me that I am visiting some lovely Hitties and their moms. She did pull me aside though and whisper a warning about someone called Hetty. I'm not sure what all she meant, but I must say I am more curious than ever to meet Sherry and her Hitties!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Visit to the Tulsa Garden Center

A Visit to the Tulsa Garden Center....................... As promised, Hitty Isabelle took me to the Tulsa Garden Center today. It has been hot this week so we put on our shorts for our outing. The garden center is in a beautiful part of town surrounded by mansions built in the 20's. Here we are posing by the fountain. First we visited the little greenhouse. The Garden Center includes the lovely Linnaeus Teaching Gardens. As we were posing in front of the sign two ladies stopped to ask what we were doing. They were setting up for story time in the garden. They were quite interested in learning about Hitty. There were both pink and blue hydrangea in bloom. We posed with the statue of Carl Linnaeus- Father of Modern Botany The teaching garden has a multi leveled path with a water fall. I am standing in front of the water here so it is difficult to see but you can see how nice the plants are. A fountain in the heirloom vegetable garden. Here is the clematis just like Linda's! The Garden Center also includes the Municipal Rose Gardens. This is the park where just about everyone in Tulsa goes to take prom, wedding and Easter pictures. I was thrilled to be in Tulsa while the magnolias are in bloom. Just look at the size of this flower! Kathleen said she was glad I am visiting. It gave her a good reason to stop by the gardens. They certainly are one of Tulsa's gems.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Traveling Alice Beautifies Tulsa

Good mornin' y'all! Hitty Isabelle says that is the appropriate greeting now that I'm in Oklahoma. It was nice to relax and get to know the Vicarage Hitties after my long journey on the Postal Bus. When Hitty Isabelle told me she was heading outside to do some gardening this morning I all but begged her to let me help. Miss Isabelle is a sweet hostess and wasn't too sure about letting a guest help with the work but I finally convinced that my little wooden hands were itching to get back to the dirt. We put on our matching overalls and headed out to the yard. I was delighted to see these pretty blue flowers bordering the patio. Isabelle says they are "volunteers" and she calls them Blue Sideafencia. (That Isabelle has some wit, I'll tell you.) After looking at these pictures we realized the flowers are the same color as my eyes! Next we headed to the berry patch. These look like tiny wild strawberries but Isabelle cautioned me against eating them. She says the birds or rabbits never eat them, a sure sign they don't taste good. ALICE GETS TO WORK........................................... After we toured the yard, Isabelle showed me the plants that needed to be separated and repotted. We got out all our gardening tools and set right to work. These plants come all the way from AZ where Hitty Isabelle used to live. Kathleen plans to give some of the young plants to friends. She wishes you were all closer. She would give you each one! As we were finishing up Hitty Emelda Marilyn came out to see how things were going. She was wearing her lovely new dress, a hostess gift from Sharon. She says it fits her better than any dress she's ever had. Once we were finished it was nice to relax a nice cold drink and enjoy the garden and the good company. Hitty Isabelle was so grateful for the help that she is giving me a green garden box with my very own set of tools. If you look in this last picture you will see some of the sweet hostess gifts Tina made for me to share.