Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Visit to the Tulsa Garden Center

A Visit to the Tulsa Garden Center....................... As promised, Hitty Isabelle took me to the Tulsa Garden Center today. It has been hot this week so we put on our shorts for our outing. The garden center is in a beautiful part of town surrounded by mansions built in the 20's. Here we are posing by the fountain. First we visited the little greenhouse. The Garden Center includes the lovely Linnaeus Teaching Gardens. As we were posing in front of the sign two ladies stopped to ask what we were doing. They were setting up for story time in the garden. They were quite interested in learning about Hitty. There were both pink and blue hydrangea in bloom. We posed with the statue of Carl Linnaeus- Father of Modern Botany The teaching garden has a multi leveled path with a water fall. I am standing in front of the water here so it is difficult to see but you can see how nice the plants are. A fountain in the heirloom vegetable garden. Here is the clematis just like Linda's! The Garden Center also includes the Municipal Rose Gardens. This is the park where just about everyone in Tulsa goes to take prom, wedding and Easter pictures. I was thrilled to be in Tulsa while the magnolias are in bloom. Just look at the size of this flower! Kathleen said she was glad I am visiting. It gave her a good reason to stop by the gardens. They certainly are one of Tulsa's gems.

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