Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alice in Missouri

Dear Readers, I have arrived safely in Missouri. The trip here was uneventful and I was delivered to the door of my current hosts. The Country Hittys are quite a pleasant group. They have extensive gardening experience but as it was VERY hot today we spent the time indoors getting to know one another. They hosted a lovely reception complete with jasmine tea and very tasty baked goods. Tomorrow we are to go on a picnic with all of the girls. As there was free time in the afternoon I decided to investigate some of the other doll persons that live here. I met a group of babies, not great conversationalists but a cute bunch. I also made the acquaintance of some rather large girls! I found them a bit intimidating but they were all quite polite. I shall post more tomorrow when I get a chance to see the country side. Sincerely, Alice

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