Friday, June 28, 2013

Another day of Adventure

Dear Readers, Today was a lovely day of fun and games in the out of doors. We started the day with an exploration of some of the flower beds. I got to climb the clematis vine and wave to everyone. The person who lives here has a strange fascination with large (to me) glass gazing balls. There are several of them scattered about. The hittys showed me how to climb them. Rather nice to sit up and take in the view but I am not sure what real purpose they have. Hitty Mallory persuaded me to sit with her in the bird bath. She said that if we were very quiet we could make a new friend. I confess that I do not have any bird friends yet. Did you know that there are Fairies here? I was so excited to hear of this. We visited their house today but no one was home. I am determined to meet these wee folk before I leave here. We got to climb one of the Mulberry trees in the yard. Those berries are quite yummy. After this activity we were all quite tired and hot. We decided to postpone our picnic until tomorrow. Tonight we are going to just relax with iced tea and some good books. Alice

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