Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A PLay Day

Oh what a fun day we had! A Little Person came to visit and we had so much fun with her! Yes, it is the Birthday Girl! -And she brought some of her My Little Pony figures and the Wedding Castle! I am getting acquainted with some of the MLP's and have a hard time keeping their names straight, the same as my hostess does! They are very well-behaved little critters, though! -Pia said, "Let's hide in the castle and see if anyone can find us!" So Pia and Mia found their hiding places in the castle. It is really not too hard to find them, but these silly little ones think they are near invisible! Do you see them? -There is Pia, on the swing with Applejack! We remember Applejack's name because she is our favorite! -And here is Mia on the stairs! Oh dear, I can't remember the names of the two that she is hiding with! -My hostess (and Pia & Mia) think I am so beautiful! ~blush~ -The Birthday Girl said, "We need to have a tea party!" So she helped bring out everything we needed for one! She is putting the sugar in Pia's tea, asking her how many scoops she wants. Pia said 10! Yikes! -Time to eat! It is all so delicious and the tea is wonderful! Pia says the tea is SCRUMPTIOUS! -And now time for dessert! Does Pia really NEED more sugar?!?!! -After the tea parties, the Birthday Girl always likes to get out the scanner and scan everything and calls out the prices. All the tea party dishes had to be lined up in a row to be scanned! The girls and I helped with that. Then we watched her scan the items; Pia got real close to the register so she could help! My time here has gone by so quickly and my hostess said it will soon be time for me to travel on to my next destination, which will be Oklahoma! TTFN, Alice

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Alice and the Birthday Party

Dear Friends, My hostess's youngest granddaughter turned 6 and I got to attend her birthday party. What fun! -Me and the Birthday Girl We got there a little early and were visiting while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. We went out on the back patio to get some fresh air and to give the children some exercise. -I wanted to check out some of the greenery that was outside. -No one knew the name of this plant. It gets pretty golden flowers on it when it blooms. It was a rescue plant; the poor thing was near dead in the store. -Me and the Birthday Girl again. I'm glad she had a good hold on me as it was VERY windy out! -The Birthday Girl and I are counting the candles, to make sure a mistake was not made. Nope! There are 6 candles, just the right amount! -(muffled voice here) "Why is it so dark all of a sudden? Okay, who played the trick of putting a birthday hat over me?!" -A few of the new little critters and people, that were gifts to the Birthday Girl, came up to me to get acquainted. And someone in the background is putting together the Little Pony Wedding Castle. -The Birthday Girl LOVES the My Little Pony critters and she got a few for her birthday. And a Prince and Princess came with the Castle set. Here the Birthday Girl is telling me all about them. She takes it very seriously! -The Happy Birthday Cake! -Some cake and ice cream was shared with me; delicious! There was a raspberry filling in the middle of the cake; yummy! It was a busy/exciting afternoon and evening and it was nice to come home and relax before heading off to bed! Just before bedtime, we got a phone call and the Birthday Girl told us that she lost her first tooth! What a great ending for a great Birthday! TTFN, Alice

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alice Arrived in California-May 15th

Pia and Mia are all excited as a package arrived in the mail today and they are sure it is Alice. They climbed up on the box and the girls are reading the info on the label. Pia says, "It says from Linda in Flintstone, so it IS ALice! Yay!" Mia is smiling, so happy that Alice has arrived! -After helping me to open the box, the girls climbed up on the side to peek in. "Alice, where are you?" calls Pia. "Alice, please come out!" calls Mia. -Pia was so anxious/excited, she fell into the box! "Ooomph!" grunts Pia. "Come Mia, I will help you and Pia down and then we will see about Alice" says Mary. "I don't wanna come down. I want to see where Alice is!" wails Pia. But Mary gently gets ahold of Pia and takes her down from the box. And lo and behold, just like that, Alice appeared! "Whoa" says Pia, you are TALL! Both girls lean back into Mary, the better to see Alice. Mary admonishes Pia to mind her matters and be polite. Alice says, "I've been anxious to meet all of you, especially Pia and Mia. Someday Pia, you just might be as tall as I, when you are all grown up." Pia just beamed when she heard this! Pia and Mia rushed over to be close to Alice; they love her already! Mary stands close by, quietly welcoming Alice to our humble home. Now the girls and I, and Mary, are going to join Alice in going through the goodies that traveled with Alice. Ta Ta for now!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finding flowers, may Day and a good bye

Alice will soon make her end visit here. We decided to go outside and see some of Linda's flowers. This is a pot of tiny pansies. We use to call them Johnny Jump-Ups. My granddaighter Chloe was here one evening .She said Grandma there is flowers in your rock road here by the patio. We get shale rocks every year to put outside the patio to keep the mud down. I know I said there is a couple. Well about a week later I go from the house to the shed wnen I look down and see more little flowers. Each day i see them I pick them and put them in this old wash tub from a wringer washer. Now look how many i have. i just picked a couple more today and put them in my flowers down by the house. The tub is full. This is an unusual flower pot. Nothing blooming in it yet but come this summer there will be. Here are a couple more pictures of the flowers around here. hitty Marcia was looking over the wire fence of the clematis and well she fell in so we had to retrive her. The girls posed for this puicture as we headed back to the house. The Maypole>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I was telling Alice and the girls about May days we use to have at school. i found them a picture of one. Years ago I had made my dolls a maypole and as a good bet time to Alice we decided to put it up. So here are Alice, some of our family having a farewell dance and day with Alice. The girls said there good-byes. California HERE I COME/

Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Alice and friends find:

There seems to be all kind of things growing in pots and containers and in different parts of the year here in Flintstone at Linda's. In the front of the house you would never know all the tings growing in the back. Hickory and i Alice came out from the greenhouse and in a pot right outside the door is a pot that has lettuce growing in it. This was started until the ground could be plowed and diskked in the big garden. We walked out toward the back and came to a bunch of green leaves and big white flowers with yellow centers. Linda said these are the strawberry plants. They are about two weeks late in coming out this year. This is good because our weather has been such cold nights it could of killed the blooms and then no strawberries. See the pipe above the plants. When we do have to cover them if temps get low these pipes hold the blankets so they do not touch the plants. Sometimes they can be sprayed with water when it gets too cold. We have such good strawberries because we can let them on there vines till they are ripe. We have on both sides in the back apple trees, peach trees , plum trees and pear trees. The apple trees are in full bloom now. We also in the yard right out from our patio have cherry trees. All the trees except the apple trees have lost there blooms and fruit is growing. We walk on out the lane to find some things a growing up some poles nad stakes. They are raspberries. No berries are there yet. Linda says she does not care for these but her hubby loves them so she makes him pies and cobblers. We then walk back to the house and we stop to look at the upper garden and the other apple trees. This gaden will have our vine crops like cantalope, pumpkins and squash. Plus sweet potatoes and peppers. We are heading into the house for awhile. We will be back again to show you some more of what is growing here. have a great day, Alice and Friends

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alice has a couple what are these for you????????????

When Alice and the others went outside to look around there were several things that they looked at and said to Linda : wHAT ARE THESE FOR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-THEY WANT YOU ALL TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT' hERE WE GO. Anyone know what these are? There is at least 50 of them. Alice wanted to get a better look at these and well as you can see she is upside down. There is a few of these in the bucket and there is water in the bucket---any ideas what theyse are and what they are for???? Why in the garden area do we find a bucket of rocks-you heard me rocks-what or why are they here????? What are these??? You have seen them before-what does these and some of the other pictures have in common---any guesses?????????? How about this big blue barrel-what is its purpose in the garden? If you look behind this you will see another blue barrel-what is it for-any quesses??? All these pictures have something to do with each other-our greenhouse and our garden. I will not give the answers for a few days to see what you all think? This is Alice and friends signing off and hoping you have fun with all of this.