Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A PLay Day

Oh what a fun day we had! A Little Person came to visit and we had so much fun with her! Yes, it is the Birthday Girl! -And she brought some of her My Little Pony figures and the Wedding Castle! I am getting acquainted with some of the MLP's and have a hard time keeping their names straight, the same as my hostess does! They are very well-behaved little critters, though! -Pia said, "Let's hide in the castle and see if anyone can find us!" So Pia and Mia found their hiding places in the castle. It is really not too hard to find them, but these silly little ones think they are near invisible! Do you see them? -There is Pia, on the swing with Applejack! We remember Applejack's name because she is our favorite! -And here is Mia on the stairs! Oh dear, I can't remember the names of the two that she is hiding with! -My hostess (and Pia & Mia) think I am so beautiful! ~blush~ -The Birthday Girl said, "We need to have a tea party!" So she helped bring out everything we needed for one! She is putting the sugar in Pia's tea, asking her how many scoops she wants. Pia said 10! Yikes! -Time to eat! It is all so delicious and the tea is wonderful! Pia says the tea is SCRUMPTIOUS! -And now time for dessert! Does Pia really NEED more sugar?!?!! -After the tea parties, the Birthday Girl always likes to get out the scanner and scan everything and calls out the prices. All the tea party dishes had to be lined up in a row to be scanned! The girls and I helped with that. Then we watched her scan the items; Pia got real close to the register so she could help! My time here has gone by so quickly and my hostess said it will soon be time for me to travel on to my next destination, which will be Oklahoma! TTFN, Alice

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