Sunday, May 26, 2013

Alice and the Birthday Party

Dear Friends, My hostess's youngest granddaughter turned 6 and I got to attend her birthday party. What fun! -Me and the Birthday Girl We got there a little early and were visiting while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive. We went out on the back patio to get some fresh air and to give the children some exercise. -I wanted to check out some of the greenery that was outside. -No one knew the name of this plant. It gets pretty golden flowers on it when it blooms. It was a rescue plant; the poor thing was near dead in the store. -Me and the Birthday Girl again. I'm glad she had a good hold on me as it was VERY windy out! -The Birthday Girl and I are counting the candles, to make sure a mistake was not made. Nope! There are 6 candles, just the right amount! -(muffled voice here) "Why is it so dark all of a sudden? Okay, who played the trick of putting a birthday hat over me?!" -A few of the new little critters and people, that were gifts to the Birthday Girl, came up to me to get acquainted. And someone in the background is putting together the Little Pony Wedding Castle. -The Birthday Girl LOVES the My Little Pony critters and she got a few for her birthday. And a Prince and Princess came with the Castle set. Here the Birthday Girl is telling me all about them. She takes it very seriously! -The Happy Birthday Cake! -Some cake and ice cream was shared with me; delicious! There was a raspberry filling in the middle of the cake; yummy! It was a busy/exciting afternoon and evening and it was nice to come home and relax before heading off to bed! Just before bedtime, we got a phone call and the Birthday Girl told us that she lost her first tooth! What a great ending for a great Birthday! TTFN, Alice

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