Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alice has a couple what are these for you????????????

When Alice and the others went outside to look around there were several things that they looked at and said to Linda : wHAT ARE THESE FOR SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-THEY WANT YOU ALL TO TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT' hERE WE GO. Anyone know what these are? There is at least 50 of them. Alice wanted to get a better look at these and well as you can see she is upside down. There is a few of these in the bucket and there is water in the bucket---any ideas what theyse are and what they are for???? Why in the garden area do we find a bucket of rocks-you heard me rocks-what or why are they here????? What are these??? You have seen them before-what does these and some of the other pictures have in common---any guesses?????????? How about this big blue barrel-what is its purpose in the garden? If you look behind this you will see another blue barrel-what is it for-any quesses??? All these pictures have something to do with each other-our greenhouse and our garden. I will not give the answers for a few days to see what you all think? This is Alice and friends signing off and hoping you have fun with all of this.


  1. Linda...the first pic is tomato stakes....the second looks like pussy willow "starts "....next, rocks you picked up because they don't belong in the garden.....next, the bee hives, next....compost container....Those are my guesses!

  2. You are so very right on there Kathie-inbehind the compost container is another blue barrel that provides rain water for the greenhouse and the outside plants.