Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finding flowers, may Day and a good bye

Alice will soon make her end visit here. We decided to go outside and see some of Linda's flowers. This is a pot of tiny pansies. We use to call them Johnny Jump-Ups. My granddaighter Chloe was here one evening .She said Grandma there is flowers in your rock road here by the patio. We get shale rocks every year to put outside the patio to keep the mud down. I know I said there is a couple. Well about a week later I go from the house to the shed wnen I look down and see more little flowers. Each day i see them I pick them and put them in this old wash tub from a wringer washer. Now look how many i have. i just picked a couple more today and put them in my flowers down by the house. The tub is full. This is an unusual flower pot. Nothing blooming in it yet but come this summer there will be. Here are a couple more pictures of the flowers around here. hitty Marcia was looking over the wire fence of the clematis and well she fell in so we had to retrive her. The girls posed for this puicture as we headed back to the house. The Maypole>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I was telling Alice and the girls about May days we use to have at school. i found them a picture of one. Years ago I had made my dolls a maypole and as a good bet time to Alice we decided to put it up. So here are Alice, some of our family having a farewell dance and day with Alice. The girls said there good-byes. California HERE I COME/

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