Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Alice Arrived in California-May 15th

Pia and Mia are all excited as a package arrived in the mail today and they are sure it is Alice. They climbed up on the box and the girls are reading the info on the label. Pia says, "It says from Linda in Flintstone, so it IS ALice! Yay!" Mia is smiling, so happy that Alice has arrived! -After helping me to open the box, the girls climbed up on the side to peek in. "Alice, where are you?" calls Pia. "Alice, please come out!" calls Mia. -Pia was so anxious/excited, she fell into the box! "Ooomph!" grunts Pia. "Come Mia, I will help you and Pia down and then we will see about Alice" says Mary. "I don't wanna come down. I want to see where Alice is!" wails Pia. But Mary gently gets ahold of Pia and takes her down from the box. And lo and behold, just like that, Alice appeared! "Whoa" says Pia, you are TALL! Both girls lean back into Mary, the better to see Alice. Mary admonishes Pia to mind her matters and be polite. Alice says, "I've been anxious to meet all of you, especially Pia and Mia. Someday Pia, you just might be as tall as I, when you are all grown up." Pia just beamed when she heard this! Pia and Mia rushed over to be close to Alice; they love her already! Mary stands close by, quietly welcoming Alice to our humble home. Now the girls and I, and Mary, are going to join Alice in going through the goodies that traveled with Alice. Ta Ta for now!

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