Saturday, January 28, 2012

Agatha prepares to travel...................

Hitty Agatha P. I. reporting...

Well dear friends it's been a whirl of activity here preparing for my journey in search of mystery. I have packed up my lovely hostess gifts. I think you will all be quite pleased with the gifts I come bearing.

In addition to my shawl and magnifying glass, Kathleen has made me some very pretty bloomers and a most cozy wool knitted cape. I don't have to worry about running into any winter weather.

My departure is set for Monday. I know I have my work cut out for me with Horrible Hetty but I'm up to the challenge! Missouri, here I come!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hitty Agatha's Travels

Click on map to see whole map.........................................

Hitty Agatha's Travels
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Case at the Center of the Universe

Hitty Agatha reporting.....

I was feeling a bit inadequate concerning my unresolved cases here in Tulsa when Kathleen mentioned an intriguing phenomenon known as the Center of the Universe. We headed to downtown Tulsa to a pedestrian bridge near the old depot building (now the Jazz Hall of Fame.) Kathleen asked me to stand in this nondescript brick circle.

Kathleen stood in the center as well and spoke in a normal voice. Her voice reverberated back to us strangely distorted and amplified. Kathleen's DD accompanied us and noted that outside the circle a speaker's voice can barely be heard. This definitely warranted further investigation! I noted some missing bricks but nothing unusual.

I inspected the sculpture of the "Artificial Cloud" nearby. While interesting, it didn't appear to have anything to do with the sound anomalies.

Expanding out from the center of the circle I noted these concrete benches forming a parabola around the perimeter.

Aha! Case solved! The concrete benches distort the sound waves bouncing them back to the speaker.

I happy to report the Case at the Center of the Universe is ....solved!

How off duty detectives spend their time............................

...watching mysteries on television of course! Castle is one of Hitty Agatha's favorites.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The case of the Anonymous Gift

Hitty Agatha reporting...

Kathleen has asked me to investigate a puzzling occurrence. Around the time of her birthday in November she received this very nice copy of "Hitty Her First Hundred Years." The book was purchased through Amazon and shipped from a used book dealer, Cherry Creek Books.

There was no indication anywhere on the package or invoice as to who placed the order. Kathleen would very much like to thank the generous giver of this gift. No one has come forward to inquire whether such a gift arrived or not.

Even after a thorough inspection of the invoice (I even used my new magnifying glass) and a most unsatisfactory correspondence with Amazon I have been unable to determine the source of the gift.

I am sorry to report that the case of anonymous gift remains... unsolved!

(At this rate I shall have to relinquish my credentials as a private investigator!)

My traveling companion ................................................
Hitty Agatha here...

I have asked Kathleen to share with you a picture of my traveling box and my sweet little traveling companion. Both the box and the doll were gifts from my carve mama, Barb. Isn't this doll sweet in her little cradle?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hitty Agatha, P.I. reporting...

Hitty Agatha, P.I. reporting...

Good evening esteemed readers. I've spent some time this weekend investigating some local mysteries for Kathleen. While touring Tulsa Kathleen pointed out this most intriguing structure.

In the middle of an otherwise normal commercial and residential area is this building with an impressive Asian architecture. The building appears to be abandoned. Upon closer inspection I noted two formidable traditional Chinese guardian lions flanking the door to the building.

Oh no, perhaps this inspection is too close!

The koi pond is sadly overgrown but still guarded by this fine dragon.

During my investigations I noted no activity in the building which is in a general state of disrepair. Large furnishings and pottery were visible through the windows. Rather disconcertingly, an alarm was sounding deep within the building.

Upon returning to Kathleen's I continued my investigations with some internet research . The mystery deepens as the building is listed online as Richardson's Asian Art Museum but in postings as far back as 2005 seems to have been closed. I could find no mention of it's operation or an official closing. Most unsatisfactory. I am sorry to report that the Case of the Asian Building remains unsolved!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

HITTY AGATHA'S BEGINNING.......................

HITTY AGATHA'S BEGINNING.......................

When Linda asked my carver mom (Barb P.) if she would be interested in carving the next Travel Hitty for the group, Barb said she would love to do it, but it would probably take a very long time for her to get it done because she had not carved a Hitty for two years. She was a bit apprehensive, but knew it would be a great experience. Since Miss Travel Hickory had not even begun her travels, Barb knew she would have enough time to finish. Kathleen Brulc donated the blank from which I emerged. The blank arrived in July. Within just a few days, I was out of the blank and ready to join the Hitty world. It all happened very quickly.

I stayed with my carver mom for three months.

She had planned to send me to Kathleen right away, but found that I insired her to carve several more dolls. It made me feel so good to know that I was the catalyst for dolly creativity. My dear friend, Hitty Bernadette, was carved right after I was carved. Hitty Bernadette and I spent all our time together while I was living at my carver mom's house.

We were carried in a small basket to a couple of local craft fairs in hopes of meeting someone who could make Hitty clothes and/or a doll carver. We met a lady who makes American Girl outfits, but she had never heard of Hitty. She was intrigued by us and the idea of making Hitty clothes for sale. We saw her at another Craft Sale later on and she had done some research about Hitty on the internet. She said she would be interested in making Hitty clothes to sell on eBay and locally if she can get some patterns. We hope she finds some patterns and will be able to do it.

We did meet a wood carver at one of the craft fairs too. He does not carve dolls. Most of his carvings are of large animals. He let Barb try out his hand made tools and showed her how he uses a gouge on these larger items. We enjoyed seeing all the crafts at the craft fair, but the wood carver was our favorite crafter of all.

My best friend, Hitty Bernadette, and a couple of other Pink Ice Hittys threw me a going-away party before I departed for Kathleen's house.

I've been told I will be traveling around the country to visit Hittys and their families, and I will have many exciting adventures~~~~~and I will live with one of those families FOREVER after my travels are finished.
I'm so very excited and I hope that many families will host me so I can see much of the country.

Since I seem to be a curious soul, it was decided that I am a sleuth. That is how I got my name Hitty Agatha.
I was named after Agatha Christie. I was kept quite busy while staying with Barb helping her to find things that she seemed to constantly lose.......................................................... sigh........................

Hitty Agath Starts Her Journey..................................................

Who likes a mystery?

Ladies, allow me to present Hitty Agatha. Hitty Agatha began life as a poor forlorn wood blank sitting among my craft supplies. Thanks to the wonderful talent and generosity of Barbara Price this little doll found her way out of the wood. I took one look at the pretty little thoughtful face and knew this doll would love a mystery. Hitty Agatha was named in honor of mystery writer Agatha Christie.

Hitty Agatha has a keen mind and curious nature. The Vicarage girls have been fun visiting with her and keeping her visit a secret! Although I do believe they let some hints slip. Agatha is itching to begin her travels and help you solve any mysteries you might have. If you would like to have Hitty Agatha visit you here is what you need to do:

1. email before Jan. 15 to sign up.

2. mail Kathleen two hostess gifts before Jan. 22. These will be things Hitty Agatha shares with those who host her.

3. Once the sign ups are complete I will post Agatha's travel itinerary. She will spend two weeks at each stop. She will leave the Vicarage before Jan. 30 to begin her travels.

4. While Agatha is with you, share a story of a mystery she investigates. This could be something mysterious in your town. It could be a mysterious happening in your Hitty world. Maybe there is a mystery bookstore where you live. Agatha would love that!
5. As with all travel dolls you will be asked to email me pictures and stories about Agatha's adventures and also write in her travel journal.
6. When Agatha has visited all of her hostesses we'll do a random drawing and Agatha
will have a new forever home.

So who wants to play Watson to Agatha's Sherlock?
The pictures show a closeup of beautiful Agatha and her Christmas portrait in a dress she borrowed from the Vicarage girls. Stay tuned, Agatha, comes with some other treats too!