Saturday, January 14, 2012

The case of the Anonymous Gift

Hitty Agatha reporting...

Kathleen has asked me to investigate a puzzling occurrence. Around the time of her birthday in November she received this very nice copy of "Hitty Her First Hundred Years." The book was purchased through Amazon and shipped from a used book dealer, Cherry Creek Books.

There was no indication anywhere on the package or invoice as to who placed the order. Kathleen would very much like to thank the generous giver of this gift. No one has come forward to inquire whether such a gift arrived or not.

Even after a thorough inspection of the invoice (I even used my new magnifying glass) and a most unsatisfactory correspondence with Amazon I have been unable to determine the source of the gift.

I am sorry to report that the case of anonymous gift remains... unsolved!

(At this rate I shall have to relinquish my credentials as a private investigator!)

My traveling companion ................................................
Hitty Agatha here...

I have asked Kathleen to share with you a picture of my traveling box and my sweet little traveling companion. Both the box and the doll were gifts from my carve mama, Barb. Isn't this doll sweet in her little cradle?

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