Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Case at the Center of the Universe

Hitty Agatha reporting.....

I was feeling a bit inadequate concerning my unresolved cases here in Tulsa when Kathleen mentioned an intriguing phenomenon known as the Center of the Universe. We headed to downtown Tulsa to a pedestrian bridge near the old depot building (now the Jazz Hall of Fame.) Kathleen asked me to stand in this nondescript brick circle.

Kathleen stood in the center as well and spoke in a normal voice. Her voice reverberated back to us strangely distorted and amplified. Kathleen's DD accompanied us and noted that outside the circle a speaker's voice can barely be heard. This definitely warranted further investigation! I noted some missing bricks but nothing unusual.

I inspected the sculpture of the "Artificial Cloud" nearby. While interesting, it didn't appear to have anything to do with the sound anomalies.

Expanding out from the center of the circle I noted these concrete benches forming a parabola around the perimeter.

Aha! Case solved! The concrete benches distort the sound waves bouncing them back to the speaker.

I happy to report the Case at the Center of the Universe is ....solved!

How off duty detectives spend their time............................

...watching mysteries on television of course! Castle is one of Hitty Agatha's favorites.

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