Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hitty Agatha, P.I. reporting...

Hitty Agatha, P.I. reporting...

Good evening esteemed readers. I've spent some time this weekend investigating some local mysteries for Kathleen. While touring Tulsa Kathleen pointed out this most intriguing structure.

In the middle of an otherwise normal commercial and residential area is this building with an impressive Asian architecture. The building appears to be abandoned. Upon closer inspection I noted two formidable traditional Chinese guardian lions flanking the door to the building.

Oh no, perhaps this inspection is too close!

The koi pond is sadly overgrown but still guarded by this fine dragon.

During my investigations I noted no activity in the building which is in a general state of disrepair. Large furnishings and pottery were visible through the windows. Rather disconcertingly, an alarm was sounding deep within the building.

Upon returning to Kathleen's I continued my investigations with some internet research . The mystery deepens as the building is listed online as Richardson's Asian Art Museum but in postings as far back as 2005 seems to have been closed. I could find no mention of it's operation or an official closing. Most unsatisfactory. I am sorry to report that the Case of the Asian Building remains unsolved!

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