Monday, June 28, 2010

A further note from Mehitabel

Dear Friends, I hope you can forgive me for neglecting my correspondence this past
week. It has been such a lovely visit that I have had little time to write. Kathleen
tells me she has posted photographs of my adventures in my album. Please do have a look
so you can see all the fun we have been enjoying.

Poor Isabelle and the Vicarage girls had barely settled in Tulsa when I arrived. The
photos give evidence to how hard they worked to unpack their belongings and prepare for
my visit. The evening of my arrival I was pleased to deliver the gifts Wanda had sent
along. I was especially happy to be able to show the girls my travels on the map. It
was lovely to share a cool drink and chat with Myrtle Armeline. All of the Vicarage
Hitties are quite friendly and most hospitable but I find that Myrtle Armeline and I are
kindred spirits. I know I have made a friend for life.

Having had ample time to rest from my journey yesterday we attended a most curious event,
a Star Trek Convention! Oh my what fun we had. We saw some actors from a variety of
science fiction programs including William Shatner himself. It was especially fun to see
the attendees in costume. I purchased some most delightful pets. These apparently come
from a planet far away and are called Tribbles. These darling little fur balls purr and
wiggle. Kathleen was a bit apprehensive about this acquisition and I am not at all sure
why. They seem to be perfectly harmless creatures.

As it has been raining this evening we decided to stay in for a game night. The girls
have a new victrola and we are enjoying playing Yahtzee and backgammon while listening to
the music. Hickory Shad and Emma very kindly invited my Hickory traveling companion up
to the Hickory House for a game of Parcheesi.

I am not sure what the week ahead will hold. Kathleen has mentioned the possibility of a
visit to the Farmer's Market and the library.

Myrtle Armeline is calling that it is my turn at Yahtzee so I will bid you good night.
Until I write again, fondly, Mehitabel

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Which I Arrive in Tulsa

Hello again dear friends. After an overnight journey I have arrived in the big city of Tulsa. Kathleen very kindly unwrapped me and helped me to cool down. It is a sticky 97 here today. I was a little worried that my visit would be an imposition coming so soon after the Vicarage Hitties' move to OK. Hitty Isabelle and the girls have very graciously assured me that my visit is just the diversion they need. For my part I plan to make myself useful. After all I have been packed and unpacked so often on my journey and I quite the expert now. Wishing you all a pleasant evening. The girls and I are off to enjoy a refreshing beverage and get to know one another. Until later, Mehitabel

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hot ---Hot----Hot

No Hittys were harmed in the making of the final day. My Hitty was waxed! Do not attempt this at home!

Dear Hitty friends,

Today the temperature at the Wildhare home was 103 under the shade of the porch. Jenny made us swim suits and let us take off our heavy clothes and play in the suits. Hitty May tought us some basic swim strokes and then she dove in and did the backstroke. She said the water was fine. It sure was a little cooler in our new swimming suits. Tonight we have banana splits for dessert. I will miss Jenny's cooking and smile.

Come Monday, I will board the bus for Tulsa, Ok. and my last stop on my journey until I get a home of my own.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fort Smith and the Heat

Hello Hitty friends,

Today I accompanied Wanda as she went to her Rheumatologists. I closed my eyes when they drew blood. Ewwwwwww. We weren't allowed to take pictures there but they all thought I was adorable.

We drove into downtown and she showed me some of the sites. We drove by the old diner and ferris wheel. It was so hot, they had shut the ferris wheel down. We drove by the railroad museum but they were closed for lunch. Next door was a historic building with beautiful stained glass in every window. It was 99degrees so we decided to go home and grab a tall glass of iced tea and tang mix and sit on the thing she called an air conditioner vent! Ahhhhhhhh.

Wanda made three of us swimsuits and promised a day by the water. Wanda tucked a few things into my travel box today. I will miss the Wildhare bunch just like all the other host families, but I look forward to my trip to the big sity of Tulsa, Oklahoma. After that journey, I get to make a trip to my permanent home. I can hardly contain my joy of getting a family of my own!

Sweet dreams all.

Zzzzzzzzz Mehitabel

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coffee in the Garden

Dear Friends,

My time is short here at the Wildhare Hittys home. We decided to have coffee in the garden early this morning. It wasn't long till we decided the Gazebo would be much better. We moved to the Gazebo and the shade was so wonderful. We sipped on our coffee and at our cinnamon rolls that Jenny made.

Tomorrow our person has to go to the doctor and they have promised to show me some of the sites in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Fort Smith will soon have the US Martials Museum. Maybe I can come back and see that bit of history. I have seen so many things in my travels and look forward to my last stop on this tour. It will be Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jenny tells me that Tulsa is a beautiful city, rather flat compaired to the Spiro area. It amazes me how different the places look. Even the dirt has been different colors. I have seen brown, black and red dirt here in Oklahoma alone.

I will send photos of my journey to Fort Smith tomorrow. There are more photos in the travel doll album.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello from Mehitabel

Today Jenny felt well enough to get up and play. We watched her person string another bitty boy. He was too impatient to wait any longer. It is a joy to see the block of wood become a bitty boy.

We all packed into the van and headed to the nearby town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. On the way there, we passed what is called a Lock and Dam. The Kerr lake is fifty feet higher than the river below so a lock was installed in the dam. The lockmaster opens one huge set of door and barges and tugs can go thru. Once inside they close the doors and either raise or lower the water level 50 feet. There is also an electric generating plant on the far end of the dam. We stopped on the road over the river to take the photos.

Then we went to Charlies Chicken in Sallisaw for their Saturday special, smoked ribs. M m m m m Merilin and I shared a plate and boy oh boy was it good. If you are ever in Sallisaw Oklahoma on a saturday, drop by for an all you can eat buffet of fried chicken, baked chicken, ribs, liver and gizards. There is no way you could even sample everything on their buffet. Whew!

Now we are going to go back and make some shorts for those bitty boys. There is a tree house calling their names in the back yard.

Hugs, Mehitabel

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oklahoma -Another Adventure for Mehitabel

Oh my I can hardly contain myself. I got to ride in a strange mechanical beast Lester called a helicopter. It has room for two to ride within it. It was a bit scarey at first to soar like a bird, but then all the things I could see from up there. We flew to a place called Cavanal Hill, the worlds tallest hill. It is 1,9999 feet above the surrounding terrain. To be a mountain, it would have to be 2,000 ft.. The name Cavanal is derived from a French word meaning cave. It was a favorite of mountain men and Indians over 150 years ago. It is in the nearby town of Poteau, Ok..

While we were on top, we spied a large set of birds circling overhead, we think they were turkey vultures. But we may be wrong. We stopped to pick up tiny sandstone rocks found all over Oklahoma. We looked up just in time to see, of all things, a Hickory tree! There were a few nuts there that the deer hadn't found. So now we need to find an incubator for hickory tots!

We took many photos on the way back down the hill. At one house about halfway down we found the most peculiar type of glass flower. My host being a warm and hot glass person took a photo of these pretty things.

We went to the Poteau (Po to long O sound), Oklahoma's chamber of commerce and our host persons husband went in and got an official postcard with dirt from Cavanal Hill.

Tonight is my host person's carving club night so we are going to save our strength and try to sneek in with her.

Love Mehitabel

Shhhhhhhh aren't they cute sleeping.........................

Jenny here. Mehitabel and Melinda have become fast friends. I peeked in on them this morning before going downstairs to make breakfast. I snapped this photo because they were so cute sleeping toget her. I sure hope Melinda won't miss her too much when she leaves. We all will miss her, but she has one more stop on this adventure.
The new kids should arrive just about the time Mehitabel leaves so the house will be busy once again for a while.

Oh well, that bacon won't fry itself so off to the kitchen I go.

Good Morning from Oklahoma June 11, 2010...................................

Lester is making us oatmeal this morning. He adds dried cranberries, raisens, walnuts and cinnamon. I don't know how it tastes but the cinnamon smells wonderful. The girls and I will serve Jenny breakfast in bed.

Jenny isn't feeling good so Lester has stepped in to make breakfast. He is going to take us camping at Lake Wildhare near camp Wildhare.

Gotta go, the oatmeal is ready.
This morning Lester made special oatmeal. We picked blueberries and blackberries from his garden and put them in the oatmeal. He let me carry the tray upstairs to where Jenny was resting. I got to pick her flowers in hopes that they made her feel better.

Helen Runningdeer was there. She is a trail guide at Camp Wildhare. Helen has been very excited about my travels.

Jenny slept most of the day and Lester was hesitant to leave her so we may just stay here and help Jenny by straightening up her studio.

Until tomorrow,

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Awaiting Mehitabel in Oklahoma and Her Travels

Ssssshhhh! Mehitabel is resting right now after her long journey. We all met her at the mailbox. We were all so excited that she was finally here for her visit. She was so hot and tired. We brought her quickly inside where it was cool. We got her a tall glass of sweet tea with lemon, a traditional southern drink. It wasn't long before her eyes began to get heavy. The heat and long journey had gotten to her. As soon as she recovers from her travel, we will show her around. Until then, we will watch her sleep.


Wanda and the Wildhare Hittys
I have arrived in Oklahoma. The Wildhare Hittys met me at the mailbox. They were so excited to see me. I was excited to be out of the box. But oh the sun was so warm here in Oklahoma. There was so much red on the thermometer. We decided to go inside to talk.

Once inside their large house, I realized there was something familiar about one of them. Her name is Melinda, but she resembles me. We discovered that we have the same MTV birthmark on our backsides. We are related! So far on my journey, I have found a picture from my Artist Mom and a relative! I began to yawn and could barely keep my eyes open so the group let me catch a quick nap.

When I awoke, I went to search for the others and found a wonderful room full of girly smelling things. One was a wonderful lavender smelling thing called bubble bath. Now I know wooden dolls shouldn't get wet, but I am a Hitty and we all know Hittys are a magical bunch. We can do anything we want. So bubble bath it is. Ahhhhhh. Nothing can compare to a scented soak.

But oh I had to cut it short because of the wonderful smell of cinnamon rolls. Jenny makes the most mouth watering treats you can imagine.

We were going to go see Cavenaugh Hill, the worlds tallest hill but it rained so we all talked about my journey so far. If it is sunny tomorrow, we will go flying up to the hill.

Goodbye for now,