Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello from Mehitabel

Today Jenny felt well enough to get up and play. We watched her person string another bitty boy. He was too impatient to wait any longer. It is a joy to see the block of wood become a bitty boy.

We all packed into the van and headed to the nearby town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma. On the way there, we passed what is called a Lock and Dam. The Kerr lake is fifty feet higher than the river below so a lock was installed in the dam. The lockmaster opens one huge set of door and barges and tugs can go thru. Once inside they close the doors and either raise or lower the water level 50 feet. There is also an electric generating plant on the far end of the dam. We stopped on the road over the river to take the photos.

Then we went to Charlies Chicken in Sallisaw for their Saturday special, smoked ribs. M m m m m Merilin and I shared a plate and boy oh boy was it good. If you are ever in Sallisaw Oklahoma on a saturday, drop by for an all you can eat buffet of fried chicken, baked chicken, ribs, liver and gizards. There is no way you could even sample everything on their buffet. Whew!

Now we are going to go back and make some shorts for those bitty boys. There is a tree house calling their names in the back yard.

Hugs, Mehitabel

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