Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fort Smith and the Heat

Hello Hitty friends,

Today I accompanied Wanda as she went to her Rheumatologists. I closed my eyes when they drew blood. Ewwwwwww. We weren't allowed to take pictures there but they all thought I was adorable.

We drove into downtown and she showed me some of the sites. We drove by the old diner and ferris wheel. It was so hot, they had shut the ferris wheel down. We drove by the railroad museum but they were closed for lunch. Next door was a historic building with beautiful stained glass in every window. It was 99degrees so we decided to go home and grab a tall glass of iced tea and tang mix and sit on the thing she called an air conditioner vent! Ahhhhhhhh.

Wanda made three of us swimsuits and promised a day by the water. Wanda tucked a few things into my travel box today. I will miss the Wildhare bunch just like all the other host families, but I look forward to my trip to the big sity of Tulsa, Oklahoma. After that journey, I get to make a trip to my permanent home. I can hardly contain my joy of getting a family of my own!

Sweet dreams all.

Zzzzzzzzz Mehitabel

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