Monday, June 28, 2010

A further note from Mehitabel

Dear Friends, I hope you can forgive me for neglecting my correspondence this past
week. It has been such a lovely visit that I have had little time to write. Kathleen
tells me she has posted photographs of my adventures in my album. Please do have a look
so you can see all the fun we have been enjoying.

Poor Isabelle and the Vicarage girls had barely settled in Tulsa when I arrived. The
photos give evidence to how hard they worked to unpack their belongings and prepare for
my visit. The evening of my arrival I was pleased to deliver the gifts Wanda had sent
along. I was especially happy to be able to show the girls my travels on the map. It
was lovely to share a cool drink and chat with Myrtle Armeline. All of the Vicarage
Hitties are quite friendly and most hospitable but I find that Myrtle Armeline and I are
kindred spirits. I know I have made a friend for life.

Having had ample time to rest from my journey yesterday we attended a most curious event,
a Star Trek Convention! Oh my what fun we had. We saw some actors from a variety of
science fiction programs including William Shatner himself. It was especially fun to see
the attendees in costume. I purchased some most delightful pets. These apparently come
from a planet far away and are called Tribbles. These darling little fur balls purr and
wiggle. Kathleen was a bit apprehensive about this acquisition and I am not at all sure
why. They seem to be perfectly harmless creatures.

As it has been raining this evening we decided to stay in for a game night. The girls
have a new victrola and we are enjoying playing Yahtzee and backgammon while listening to
the music. Hickory Shad and Emma very kindly invited my Hickory traveling companion up
to the Hickory House for a game of Parcheesi.

I am not sure what the week ahead will hold. Kathleen has mentioned the possibility of a
visit to the Farmer's Market and the library.

Myrtle Armeline is calling that it is my turn at Yahtzee so I will bid you good night.
Until I write again, fondly, Mehitabel

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