Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coffee in the Garden

Dear Friends,

My time is short here at the Wildhare Hittys home. We decided to have coffee in the garden early this morning. It wasn't long till we decided the Gazebo would be much better. We moved to the Gazebo and the shade was so wonderful. We sipped on our coffee and at our cinnamon rolls that Jenny made.

Tomorrow our person has to go to the doctor and they have promised to show me some of the sites in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Fort Smith will soon have the US Martials Museum. Maybe I can come back and see that bit of history. I have seen so many things in my travels and look forward to my last stop on this tour. It will be Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jenny tells me that Tulsa is a beautiful city, rather flat compaired to the Spiro area. It amazes me how different the places look. Even the dirt has been different colors. I have seen brown, black and red dirt here in Oklahoma alone.

I will send photos of my journey to Fort Smith tomorrow. There are more photos in the travel doll album.


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