Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oklahoma -Another Adventure for Mehitabel

Oh my I can hardly contain myself. I got to ride in a strange mechanical beast Lester called a helicopter. It has room for two to ride within it. It was a bit scarey at first to soar like a bird, but then all the things I could see from up there. We flew to a place called Cavanal Hill, the worlds tallest hill. It is 1,9999 feet above the surrounding terrain. To be a mountain, it would have to be 2,000 ft.. The name Cavanal is derived from a French word meaning cave. It was a favorite of mountain men and Indians over 150 years ago. It is in the nearby town of Poteau, Ok..

While we were on top, we spied a large set of birds circling overhead, we think they were turkey vultures. But we may be wrong. We stopped to pick up tiny sandstone rocks found all over Oklahoma. We looked up just in time to see, of all things, a Hickory tree! There were a few nuts there that the deer hadn't found. So now we need to find an incubator for hickory tots!

We took many photos on the way back down the hill. At one house about halfway down we found the most peculiar type of glass flower. My host being a warm and hot glass person took a photo of these pretty things.

We went to the Poteau (Po to long O sound), Oklahoma's chamber of commerce and our host persons husband went in and got an official postcard with dirt from Cavanal Hill.

Tonight is my host person's carving club night so we are going to save our strength and try to sneek in with her.

Love Mehitabel

Shhhhhhhh aren't they cute sleeping.........................

Jenny here. Mehitabel and Melinda have become fast friends. I peeked in on them this morning before going downstairs to make breakfast. I snapped this photo because they were so cute sleeping toget her. I sure hope Melinda won't miss her too much when she leaves. We all will miss her, but she has one more stop on this adventure.
The new kids should arrive just about the time Mehitabel leaves so the house will be busy once again for a while.

Oh well, that bacon won't fry itself so off to the kitchen I go.

Good Morning from Oklahoma June 11, 2010...................................

Lester is making us oatmeal this morning. He adds dried cranberries, raisens, walnuts and cinnamon. I don't know how it tastes but the cinnamon smells wonderful. The girls and I will serve Jenny breakfast in bed.

Jenny isn't feeling good so Lester has stepped in to make breakfast. He is going to take us camping at Lake Wildhare near camp Wildhare.

Gotta go, the oatmeal is ready.
This morning Lester made special oatmeal. We picked blueberries and blackberries from his garden and put them in the oatmeal. He let me carry the tray upstairs to where Jenny was resting. I got to pick her flowers in hopes that they made her feel better.

Helen Runningdeer was there. She is a trail guide at Camp Wildhare. Helen has been very excited about my travels.

Jenny slept most of the day and Lester was hesitant to leave her so we may just stay here and help Jenny by straightening up her studio.

Until tomorrow,

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  1. What grand adventures, so soon after landing. Mehitabel, you waste no time!