Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Agatha Mystery Item Mystery and last day/ night here

Tina here, I was sitting here thinking about Hitty Agatha and her love of solving and explaining mysteries. Well, I spoke with her, and we have decided to have a little Hostess Mystery, would you be interested in playing along? We will be waiting for any input on your part, all we need is for you to agree to look at a photo, and then make a guess at what it might be?
I am working with her to get this done, so come on and play. And for those who aren't hosting, you can also play along in this mystery. After I see if there is any interest on your parts, you can be sure I will be adding a photo for you to see.

Okay now handing the keyboard over to Agatha.

Hi Everyone, Agatha here, I spent some time with Tina alone. We chatted about life as a human, and also the life of a doll. We enjoyed seeing how a dolls life is so much similiar to humans. We have wants and needs.. Only our needs are much more easier to do without, well some anyways. We don't HAVE to eat, we enjoy the part of no calories, (chuckle, laugh, snicker) oh if you humans could enjoy food the way we do, there would never be reason for another diet. We do need to be loved, clothed and hoping all are housed properly, but if not, at least have a spot for us to rest and relax.
Anyways, we together have come up with another mystery, but you will be the ones who solve this one, that is if you agree to send in your guess.... It may be spot on, but then again, it may be way off. So get your thinking caps on. And soon you will see a photo, try to see what you can in it, and then send Tina and myself your guess.. We will take the ones who play along put them in a hat and draw a name to win a small prize.. So come on and let us know, are you interested?

I have posted the photo for you all to check out


. After looking, be sure to let
Tina hear from you. Send an email to caboose_970 @ yahoo.com to be entered
into the drawing. All you have to do is email a guess.. It doesn't have to be
right, and it can be wrong..lol...
I will be announcing right before I leave here to head out on my next
adventure.. Which will be next Monday at the latest.
Sincerely, Hitty Agatha

and the winner is..................................

I want to thank you all for helping me (Hitty Agatha) out with this mystery. I had a grand time
working on this with my Hitty friends here at Rock Bottom.
We wrote out all the names of everyone who sent an email and made a guess..
After that we folded each piece into little tiny squares, and put into a bowl.. I knew how many there was and had Tommy (Tina's other half) to pick a number between 1-9 and then we counted out to that number which was 7. When I got to the seventh one, I opened it up to read the name of the winner.

So that you all know, there wasn't a correct guess, so we are the only ones who know just what it is.
Now if you would like to know, we will have to see if the winner wants to know. If she does, we will post a photo of the said prize..
Also please send me your address so that I can get it into the mail this week...

Okay here we go, hold onto you hats, and with a huge hooray.... Jane .. You Won!!!!

Yippee.. This was fun.. Oh and the guesses are at the end of this post.

I hope everyone enjoyed this little mystery. I know we did here..

Thanks for playing along.
Hitty Hugs, Tina and Hitty Agatha

a cupboard--Linda

a chair --Barb

a chair -- Kathie

corner cupboard Jane

Hitty bench -- Kathleen

furniture -- Sherry

chest of drawers-- Sharon

wagon or furniture such as cabinet or bookshelves-- Judy

recipe book --Brooke

it is a breadbox...............

I wanted to let everyone know, I have had a great time with The Rock Bottom Hitty's. They have so much going on we seemed to be always grabbing a blanket and pillow to take a nap whenever and whereever we could.
Always a grandkid, or someone calling or coming over. Never know from one minute to the next what is going on. So no real plans can be made without exspecting to cancel some.
I wasn't sure what my last day would be like, and everyone was hush, hush about it.
So the night before I was to leave, I found them all sitting around acting all innocent. About the time I walked into the room, they all screamed out We love you, and will miss you Agatha!!!
There was cake and soft drinks, snack foods of all kinds.
They presented me with a sample of the Epidote Stone and also a maginfying glass.
I was so excited to learn that I would be traveling the next day to visit with more friends of mysteries. I do hope we can solve more mysteries, as that is my favorite thing to do.
I had one last mystery here, and that was to find out how time can fly by so fast? We thought we had it all figured out, but time ran out. So I will continue with this on my agenda, and if I figure this one out, I will let you all know. Wouldn't it be grand to know just how when your having such a grand time that before you know time has passed and the fun has to end.
With that mystery unsolved, I will say goodbye for now. I will check back in when I am settled at my next stop.
Take care.
Sincerely, Hitty Agatha

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today We got busy studying...............................

Today We got busy studying the questions of the stone found on the property of the Rock Bottom Hittys and their people family. It is dark green in color and has some areas that are darker, some even have specks of yellow in them.

We searched online using Hitty Ernestina's laptop to see what we might find.

After googling we found some leads on how to figure out what this mystery stone might be?

I told the Gang here at Rock Bottom that we should first gather a few things we would need.

We need a microscope, a maginfying glass, Streak plate for testing color, a nail to test the hardness, and would be helpful if they would gather some books on gems and minerals. Last but not least, some samples. So off they went in search of everything on the list.

After they had gathered these, they all gathered around the table to watch and learn about just what they had found. I opened up a book and read a little about stones that would first have the coloration of the sample.

That way we could narrow down the field of what it may be just by color. We looked at a sample under the microscope.

Next we tapped it with the nail and a hammer, be very careful.

We didn't have safety glasses to go around, so I took the sample and held it inside a box turned on its side so no pieces would fly into anyones eyes.

A piece broke off with a hard tap. So that tells me it is a soft stone, but not too soft. Some minerals will break without tapping at all.
We next looked in the book to see what stones would fall under the green color, being somewhat soft.. We were able to narrow it down rather quickly, after noting the enviroment that this sample was found in. There is quartz, granite, mica and other minerals all around..
We came to the conclusion that this is Epidote. It is mostly used as a collectors piece, not of great value, as it is hard to cut into a usuable stone. Some have been hard enough to cut, but so far on this property it is all to soft.
So it looks as if the mystery stone is Epidote and will be something to look at and enjoy collecting, but not something that will make one rich..
Sincerely, Hitty Agatha

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My First Letter from Rock Bottom

Hello, Hitty Agatha here checking in. I was introduced to the Hitty's who live here at Rock Bottom. They seem to be a very inquisitive group.. There was all sorts of questions when we met? Where I was from? What was my favorite food? Which season is my favorite? And the list went on...
I answered the best I could. I told them I was traveling around to different homes, meeting families and soon would find out where I would be living. I was not going to be the one to decide that, but so far each place I have visited had wonderful families, and lots of loving Hitty's. There was one Miss Hetty Hickory that lived in Missouri, she was a character, I think she is misunderstood, a little tough on the outside, but more than likely, with the right amount of love and friendship she would make a fine neighbor. Oh I could go on and on but time is of the essence, as I have only 2 weeks to visit, and there seems a way that time speeds up when I get to each stop.
My favorite food would have to be anything freshly picked from a garden such as I found in Flintstione.. They were just getting ready to plant some seedlings, getting everything ready for spring planting. Oh I had to tell them also about being in Oklahoma, there I was in company of a family of Hitty's and we visited lots of landmarks, must of had something to do learning, being their person teaches school. It was fun at each stop and I was excited to know that my favorite interest of solving mysteries played a part in each visit.
We chatted a while and they all agreed we should do some searching and see if there was any mysteries here at Rock Bottom.
Hitty Ernestina, went and brought out some rocks with green stone in it... She said, "The man of the house found this on the land here, can you help us learn more about it?" So the first of our adventures begins. I will check back as soon as we learn more.
Tina has promised to take some photos and I will send them in when I write again.
A sunny day here, maybe a good day for some outside adventures.
Many Hugs,
Hitty Agatha

Agatha checking in...................

Hello to all my Friends, I wanted to check in while there is a slow moment here at the Rock Bottom Hittys home.
We have been really busy sluething out something, and I will have a photo post tomorrow on that. Tina has been helping me out with making sure I had what I needed to work this mystery out with the Hitty's here.
They are a curious group for sure.
Well, I hear someone calling me into the other room. I think they need my help..So until tomorrow, take care my friends.
Hitty Agatha

Monday, March 12, 2012

My journey in Flintstone has came to an end

We had a wonderful time last night. Some of the Hittys and friends here got together for my last night here and had a game night. We all had such a good time. I am so looking forward to going to North Carolina and visiting with Tina and The Rock Bottom Hittys but in the same I will miss my friends here in Flintstone.

This morning I got up and will be leaving here. Some of my many friends are here to say goodbye. I will miss you all and who knows the mystery of my forever home will take several more stops and never know I may return.

Greetings Agatha

Ps-Hittys here with pegs crossed-we so enjoyed you Agatha and will never forget you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Agatha Looking around the outside continued

I meet person Linda when I came into the house all others are sleeping. I sked her about the end of the field with the poles in it. That is there strawberry patch. Anyone guess right???
Linda shows me where they use some of the dirt I seen in the shed in the bucket. There is little pots that has parsnip and cherry tomato seeds in them.

In the window sill above where the little pots are is a plastic bag. Linda explains to me parsnips are so hard to grow to get the seeds to germinate in the ground. She read on the internet how they can be started inside. The other thing in the window is a jar with something in it. Anyone wanta guess what?

Linda opens the bag with the parsnip seeds in it. oh my gosh she says some have sprouted. Do you see the white little tails on some of the seeds. That means the seed has germinated. There were a few the other day too.Linda took them and put them in dirt in the little pots.Can you all see the white tails????

Now for that thing in the jar. Linda says they all love sweet taters. If you put a sweet tater that you have grown in a jar in water it will grow plants out of it. They break off the plants and plant them in dirt later and they go in the greenhouse until can be planted in the garden. You have to look real hard to see them, they are like a littl bump on it.

Well it sure has been an interesting day. I have learned about a couple things that will go in there garden later. I will not be here for that so was nice to have a little mystery of what it was about.

Agatha Looking around the outside

It is morning. It looks like a beautiful day is ahead of us. The sun is shining but the temp looks to be around 17 degrees. No one else is up so I throw on my flock and very quietly slip out the back door and out the back I go walking. I walk in the driveway that is between the two garages. One belongs to the person Linda and the other to the son. I walk all the length of the driveway and turn around and look. Oh my such a long green field, I do wonder what it is used for. It is green all the way down.

I walk back toward the house. At the end of this field is this one area. It has poles on the ground. Looks like they hold something up-I do wonder what???? Anyone got a guess what would be coming up in here later on???

I walk a little further and on my left I see this building that looks like it is built on the backside of the shed. I look closer and are those well yes they are. The one side of the building is lined with storm doors. I wonder what this is for?????????

I see there is a wooden latch and I push it to the side and I am now inside the building. Oh my I see empty pots all over the place. In the front is this big pot that has green stuff coming up. I get a closer look. it is lettuce growing in the pot. I think I remember Hitty Gertie saying that planting season is soon . I bet this is a greenhouse I have read about. Yes that is what this has to be.

I come around the corner of the one shed and try the door. Someone has left it open so I go in. I find this five gallon bucket of -well- yes it is it is dirt....
I wonder what it is for.

I decide to go inside and see if anyone is up. to be continued....................................