Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My First Letter from Rock Bottom

Hello, Hitty Agatha here checking in. I was introduced to the Hitty's who live here at Rock Bottom. They seem to be a very inquisitive group.. There was all sorts of questions when we met? Where I was from? What was my favorite food? Which season is my favorite? And the list went on...
I answered the best I could. I told them I was traveling around to different homes, meeting families and soon would find out where I would be living. I was not going to be the one to decide that, but so far each place I have visited had wonderful families, and lots of loving Hitty's. There was one Miss Hetty Hickory that lived in Missouri, she was a character, I think she is misunderstood, a little tough on the outside, but more than likely, with the right amount of love and friendship she would make a fine neighbor. Oh I could go on and on but time is of the essence, as I have only 2 weeks to visit, and there seems a way that time speeds up when I get to each stop.
My favorite food would have to be anything freshly picked from a garden such as I found in Flintstione.. They were just getting ready to plant some seedlings, getting everything ready for spring planting. Oh I had to tell them also about being in Oklahoma, there I was in company of a family of Hitty's and we visited lots of landmarks, must of had something to do learning, being their person teaches school. It was fun at each stop and I was excited to know that my favorite interest of solving mysteries played a part in each visit.
We chatted a while and they all agreed we should do some searching and see if there was any mysteries here at Rock Bottom.
Hitty Ernestina, went and brought out some rocks with green stone in it... She said, "The man of the house found this on the land here, can you help us learn more about it?" So the first of our adventures begins. I will check back as soon as we learn more.
Tina has promised to take some photos and I will send them in when I write again.
A sunny day here, maybe a good day for some outside adventures.
Many Hugs,
Hitty Agatha

Agatha checking in...................

Hello to all my Friends, I wanted to check in while there is a slow moment here at the Rock Bottom Hittys home.
We have been really busy sluething out something, and I will have a photo post tomorrow on that. Tina has been helping me out with making sure I had what I needed to work this mystery out with the Hitty's here.
They are a curious group for sure.
Well, I hear someone calling me into the other room. I think they need my help..So until tomorrow, take care my friends.
Hitty Agatha

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