Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Agatha Looking around the outside continued

I meet person Linda when I came into the house all others are sleeping. I sked her about the end of the field with the poles in it. That is there strawberry patch. Anyone guess right???
Linda shows me where they use some of the dirt I seen in the shed in the bucket. There is little pots that has parsnip and cherry tomato seeds in them.

In the window sill above where the little pots are is a plastic bag. Linda explains to me parsnips are so hard to grow to get the seeds to germinate in the ground. She read on the internet how they can be started inside. The other thing in the window is a jar with something in it. Anyone wanta guess what?

Linda opens the bag with the parsnip seeds in it. oh my gosh she says some have sprouted. Do you see the white little tails on some of the seeds. That means the seed has germinated. There were a few the other day too.Linda took them and put them in dirt in the little pots.Can you all see the white tails????

Now for that thing in the jar. Linda says they all love sweet taters. If you put a sweet tater that you have grown in a jar in water it will grow plants out of it. They break off the plants and plant them in dirt later and they go in the greenhouse until can be planted in the garden. You have to look real hard to see them, they are like a littl bump on it.

Well it sure has been an interesting day. I have learned about a couple things that will go in there garden later. I will not be here for that so was nice to have a little mystery of what it was about.

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  1. The sweet potato brought back a childhood memory. My mom use to put them in a jar and would grow a lovely plant that had long vines. I think I will try my hand to see if I can make a plant. Such interesting seeds.
    awaiting the next post. Bye Blessings, Hitty Mitty and Mom