Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Agatha Mystery Item Mystery and last day/ night here

Tina here, I was sitting here thinking about Hitty Agatha and her love of solving and explaining mysteries. Well, I spoke with her, and we have decided to have a little Hostess Mystery, would you be interested in playing along? We will be waiting for any input on your part, all we need is for you to agree to look at a photo, and then make a guess at what it might be?
I am working with her to get this done, so come on and play. And for those who aren't hosting, you can also play along in this mystery. After I see if there is any interest on your parts, you can be sure I will be adding a photo for you to see.

Okay now handing the keyboard over to Agatha.

Hi Everyone, Agatha here, I spent some time with Tina alone. We chatted about life as a human, and also the life of a doll. We enjoyed seeing how a dolls life is so much similiar to humans. We have wants and needs.. Only our needs are much more easier to do without, well some anyways. We don't HAVE to eat, we enjoy the part of no calories, (chuckle, laugh, snicker) oh if you humans could enjoy food the way we do, there would never be reason for another diet. We do need to be loved, clothed and hoping all are housed properly, but if not, at least have a spot for us to rest and relax.
Anyways, we together have come up with another mystery, but you will be the ones who solve this one, that is if you agree to send in your guess.... It may be spot on, but then again, it may be way off. So get your thinking caps on. And soon you will see a photo, try to see what you can in it, and then send Tina and myself your guess.. We will take the ones who play along put them in a hat and draw a name to win a small prize.. So come on and let us know, are you interested?

I have posted the photo for you all to check out


. After looking, be sure to let
Tina hear from you. Send an email to caboose_970 @ yahoo.com to be entered
into the drawing. All you have to do is email a guess.. It doesn't have to be
right, and it can be wrong..lol...
I will be announcing right before I leave here to head out on my next
adventure.. Which will be next Monday at the latest.
Sincerely, Hitty Agatha

and the winner is..................................

I want to thank you all for helping me (Hitty Agatha) out with this mystery. I had a grand time
working on this with my Hitty friends here at Rock Bottom.
We wrote out all the names of everyone who sent an email and made a guess..
After that we folded each piece into little tiny squares, and put into a bowl.. I knew how many there was and had Tommy (Tina's other half) to pick a number between 1-9 and then we counted out to that number which was 7. When I got to the seventh one, I opened it up to read the name of the winner.

So that you all know, there wasn't a correct guess, so we are the only ones who know just what it is.
Now if you would like to know, we will have to see if the winner wants to know. If she does, we will post a photo of the said prize..
Also please send me your address so that I can get it into the mail this week...

Okay here we go, hold onto you hats, and with a huge hooray.... Jane .. You Won!!!!

Yippee.. This was fun.. Oh and the guesses are at the end of this post.

I hope everyone enjoyed this little mystery. I know we did here..

Thanks for playing along.
Hitty Hugs, Tina and Hitty Agatha

a cupboard--Linda

a chair --Barb

a chair -- Kathie

corner cupboard Jane

Hitty bench -- Kathleen

furniture -- Sherry

chest of drawers-- Sharon

wagon or furniture such as cabinet or bookshelves-- Judy

recipe book --Brooke

it is a breadbox...............

I wanted to let everyone know, I have had a great time with The Rock Bottom Hitty's. They have so much going on we seemed to be always grabbing a blanket and pillow to take a nap whenever and whereever we could.
Always a grandkid, or someone calling or coming over. Never know from one minute to the next what is going on. So no real plans can be made without exspecting to cancel some.
I wasn't sure what my last day would be like, and everyone was hush, hush about it.
So the night before I was to leave, I found them all sitting around acting all innocent. About the time I walked into the room, they all screamed out We love you, and will miss you Agatha!!!
There was cake and soft drinks, snack foods of all kinds.
They presented me with a sample of the Epidote Stone and also a maginfying glass.
I was so excited to learn that I would be traveling the next day to visit with more friends of mysteries. I do hope we can solve more mysteries, as that is my favorite thing to do.
I had one last mystery here, and that was to find out how time can fly by so fast? We thought we had it all figured out, but time ran out. So I will continue with this on my agenda, and if I figure this one out, I will let you all know. Wouldn't it be grand to know just how when your having such a grand time that before you know time has passed and the fun has to end.
With that mystery unsolved, I will say goodbye for now. I will check back in when I am settled at my next stop.
Take care.
Sincerely, Hitty Agatha

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