Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today We got busy studying...............................

Today We got busy studying the questions of the stone found on the property of the Rock Bottom Hittys and their people family. It is dark green in color and has some areas that are darker, some even have specks of yellow in them.

We searched online using Hitty Ernestina's laptop to see what we might find.

After googling we found some leads on how to figure out what this mystery stone might be?

I told the Gang here at Rock Bottom that we should first gather a few things we would need.

We need a microscope, a maginfying glass, Streak plate for testing color, a nail to test the hardness, and would be helpful if they would gather some books on gems and minerals. Last but not least, some samples. So off they went in search of everything on the list.

After they had gathered these, they all gathered around the table to watch and learn about just what they had found. I opened up a book and read a little about stones that would first have the coloration of the sample.

That way we could narrow down the field of what it may be just by color. We looked at a sample under the microscope.

Next we tapped it with the nail and a hammer, be very careful.

We didn't have safety glasses to go around, so I took the sample and held it inside a box turned on its side so no pieces would fly into anyones eyes.

A piece broke off with a hard tap. So that tells me it is a soft stone, but not too soft. Some minerals will break without tapping at all.
We next looked in the book to see what stones would fall under the green color, being somewhat soft.. We were able to narrow it down rather quickly, after noting the enviroment that this sample was found in. There is quartz, granite, mica and other minerals all around..
We came to the conclusion that this is Epidote. It is mostly used as a collectors piece, not of great value, as it is hard to cut into a usuable stone. Some have been hard enough to cut, but so far on this property it is all to soft.
So it looks as if the mystery stone is Epidote and will be something to look at and enjoy collecting, but not something that will make one rich..
Sincerely, Hitty Agatha

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