Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Agatha Looking around the outside

It is morning. It looks like a beautiful day is ahead of us. The sun is shining but the temp looks to be around 17 degrees. No one else is up so I throw on my flock and very quietly slip out the back door and out the back I go walking. I walk in the driveway that is between the two garages. One belongs to the person Linda and the other to the son. I walk all the length of the driveway and turn around and look. Oh my such a long green field, I do wonder what it is used for. It is green all the way down.

I walk back toward the house. At the end of this field is this one area. It has poles on the ground. Looks like they hold something up-I do wonder what???? Anyone got a guess what would be coming up in here later on???

I walk a little further and on my left I see this building that looks like it is built on the backside of the shed. I look closer and are those well yes they are. The one side of the building is lined with storm doors. I wonder what this is for?????????

I see there is a wooden latch and I push it to the side and I am now inside the building. Oh my I see empty pots all over the place. In the front is this big pot that has green stuff coming up. I get a closer look. it is lettuce growing in the pot. I think I remember Hitty Gertie saying that planting season is soon . I bet this is a greenhouse I have read about. Yes that is what this has to be.

I come around the corner of the one shed and try the door. Someone has left it open so I go in. I find this five gallon bucket of -well- yes it is it is dirt....
I wonder what it is for.

I decide to go inside and see if anyone is up. to be continued....................................

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