Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's News from Molly

Dear Friends, I hope you have been enoying your holiday week as much as I have. We have had such lovely times at the Vicarage. One afternoon we spent reading. The girls have a very nice library. I especially enjoyed reading the Vintage Christmas books.

Our favorite book by far though is the delightful book Esther sent us with pictures from the entire year. I am glad I was here to see the book.

We spent another afternoon baking, again, I know! It seems the goodies have disappeared as quickly as we could bake them. Kathleen was so inspired by our Christmas cake she made one of her own.

I must run now. We are about to get ready for New Year's Eve. I can't wait to tell you all about it. As ever, Molly

Molly's new Years Eve...........

Dear Friends, 2010 is almost a memory and here at the Vicarage we are going to send her off in style. We changed into party dresses. We all decided to wear something with blue in it.

I always feel so cheerful in my blue and yellow dress. After that we donned our party hats

and put out the snacks.

Kathleen is having pizza tonight too so we decided it would be just right for our party as well. We had such a good time playing games. Charlie Jo and Myrtle Armeline played Parcheesi while Isabelle, Nicola Jane and I played our new game of Life. We were having so much fun we didn't even care who won! I think it's time for more refreshments. I'll write again in the new year. Love, Molly

Happy new Year..........

Happy 2011! Oh what fun to count down the New Year! I'm afraid we made a bit of a mess with the confetti and streamers.

Happy New Year! Molly

New year Day.....

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, blessed 2011! From, Molly Marie and the Vicarage Hitties

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Evening

Christmas Greetings Everyone! Oh I hope you have all had as much fun today as we have had here in Tulsa. A special Christmas elf delivered packages and we were all about bursting with impatience to open them this morning.

I was tickled to receive my very own Princess phone. This will be perfect for keeping in touch with all of the friends I have made on my journeys. Charlie Jo received the most adorable teeny tiny baby doll. Isabelle was quite pleased with her Christmas cake and has promised to share some with all of us later.

Nicola Jane opened a very handsome nutcracker and he will have pride of place among the decorations for years to come. Myrtle Armeline could hardly contain herself when she opened her Life game.

Scamp has to be in the middle of things up to some mischief.

We are planning a games evening soon. Thank you to our own specil elf for these gifts. In the photos you will also notice my brand new Christmas dress. I was admiring the knit dresses some of the girls have and they surprised with my very own dress! They were a little nervous it wouldn't fit but you would think I had been here for fittings it fits so well. The girls have promised to teach me to knit during my stay. I can hardly wait!
Warm Christmas greetings, every yours, Molly

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Molly arrives in Tulsa

Greetings everyone, I wanted to let you know that I have arrived safely in Tulsa. Kathleen's husband was kind enough to pick me up from the postal facility so I didn't have to wait there until she was done working. My what a hustle bustle there was at that place. I feel fortunate to have made it here safely and in time for Christmas at the Vicarage. The girls are calling me to have some coffee so I had better go. I think we have a big day of decorating ahead of us. More soon, Molly Marie

In which we prepare for Christmas............................

Dear Friends, I am taking a break from all of our Christmas preparations here and wanted to share all the fun we've been having. After a very warm greeting the Vicarage girls told me they had been waiting to decorate for Christmas so that I could join in the fun. I told them I was well rested after my stay with D'Marie. Although I consider all of my dresses too pretty to be work clothes I changed out of my ballgown and dove right in. I am attaching a picture here and will place others in my photo album.

I must say the Vicarage kitties were rather a handful while we were decorating. We prevailed however and now the place is just lovely.

As soon as we finished decorating on went the aprons and we baked dozens of delicious Christmas cookies.

No sooner had we finished baking than Myrtle Armeline said we must write our letters to Santa

if there was to be any hope of a visit tomorrow night. I asked Santa to grant all of you, human and Hitty alike a blessed Christmas!

More to follow soon.... yours in festive spirit, Molly Marie

Happy Christmas Eve everyone......................................

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! After a quiet night visiting under the Christmas tree I am now able to share some more photos with you. You can see what fun we've had baking cookies and writing our Santa letters.

Sara Beth was thrilled to see the Hickory House all decorated for the holiday as well.

She feels quite at home there and is filling Hickory Emma and Shad in on all the news from Cousin Ida.

More pictures to follow. Hugs and Kisses, HMM

P.S. Kathleen said to tell you she wasn't sure where

Adventures with the Nativity Scene........

Molly again here. The Vicarage girls are so happy to have a Nativity set this Christmas. I was admiring it and then turned my back for just a moment.

Wouldn't you know it, there was a naughty kitten pretending he was part of the manger scene! I shooed him away but I do suppose there was a cat or two in the manger that first Christmas.

Hitty hugs and kisses, HMM

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hitty Molly retures to Illinois for a make-over

Molly Marie and Miss Hickory have arrived. Florence Nightingale Hitty greeted them at the door as MDH is a very caring place and also has comfort candy for the patients(previously made by Marcia for summertime beach swap).Getting checked in at My Dolly Hospital. Medical conference is currently in session. Will post details later... no one to worry!

Molly's x-ray & new adventures...

Such an afternoon...

I had to change into hospital garb, the nurses said as we arrived in my room.
Must say, the gown was kinda funky and I had to have Nurse Hitty Flo tie it in
back for me. I'm hoping no one saw me from behind... oh, the humanities!

Hitty Flo took me down a long long hallway to the Radiology Department. I've
never had an x-ray before! The Technicians were so sweet and giggled so hard
when I told them of the adventures of my journey. I was told to hop up on the
table, but I must say, I almost hopped right back down.... that table was
freezing cold!

The X-ray doctor said the tests wouldn't hurt at all and to try very hard not to
wiggle to think of something pleasant while the great big camera over my head
took a picture of my nose... of course, being it's Christmas Season and all, my
first thoughts were of candy. The doctor said I must have been thinking awfully
hard, as little visions of sugarplums showed up in the X-ray!

They said that had
only happened once before when my Mama Carver, D'Marie, had an X-ray taken years
ago for a Christmas poster for the Nutrition Department.

Nurse Hitty Flo then took me to a Nurse Specialist's Office. Would you believe,
she is from Argentina and has only been on Hitty Street for a couple of weeks?
She is so beautiful and promised my nose would soon be as good as new! She put
the prettiest band-aid over my nose so it could be protected for a couple days
and then....

let me pick the biggest lollipop I'd ever seen! She warned not to
eat it all at once or I might be back in her office tomorrow with a tummy ache.
Pretty soon you could hear Hitty Flo singing as she took me back to my room to
get dressed.... Tonight there are fun things planned!

(My new favorite song)

"On the good ship 'lollipop'.
Its a sweet trip to a candy shop
Where bon-bons play
On the sunny beach of Peppermint Bay.

Lemonade stands everywhere.
Crackerjack bands fill the air.
And there you are
Happy landing on a chocolate bar.

See the sugar bowl do the tootsie roll
With the big bad devils food cake.
If you eat too much ooh ooh
You'll awake with a tummy ache.

On the good ship 'lollipop'
Its a night trip into bed you hop
And dream away
On the good ship 'lollipop'."

Lots of hugs... Molly Marie

Today, Molly is getting a touch-up coloring with her hairdo and later will be
having her eyes and lips with slight touch-ups done at the clinic. For the first
time ever, I had carved her with a little extra curls on the sides. Some of my
girls have ended up with almost no wood to have a hairdo!

I have removed a portion of a curl on each side of her face to allow me to make
a new nose and mouth. I let God guide my hands and hope everyone will be
comfortable with her outcome. A little added blessing is that after sanding and
applying the sealer, Molly's face is a lighter wood, so she is becoming even
more photogenic! I'm postng her current photo in my Grandma D'Marie album... as
you can see, she still brightens a room and holds her head high. Molly will soon
be ready to travel to her next hostess' home! Cosmetic hugs..... d'

Molly set off and traveling. She is on her way to Oklahoma to visit Kathleen and her Hittys.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Pollyanna Day

Early morning, the sun is peeking through to start a new day. The girls gathered together in Hitty Mitty's cottage room. As this was their last day, Hitty Mitty wants to share her favorite story, " Pollyanna" with the girls.

Mitty tells all her stories with zing. She uses voice changes and very dramatic. Mitty is wonderfully happy and dreamy. Her mom is baking a special treat for the girls. What the girls found most special was the helping in the kitchen.

We had flour all over and climbing on the utensils was like a jungle gym. There was the biggest cook book,

and glass dome cake dish.

We hid inside with some cookies. Then we had tea time.

But as the day was closing, sadness fell on Hitty Molly Marie and Sara Beth. Well not for long. Hitty Mitty says remember Pollyanna and be glad. Be glad you are traveling to met many new friends, see many new places and be loved by all who meet you. Hitty Mitty and her mom hugged the girls and said, Our home "Sweet Sanctuary" is always open for you to come again. Be Glad, Blessings to All. Love, Hitty Mitty, Hitty Molly Marie and Sara Beth

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carrot County

Today, We are following trails again to look for the rabbit hole, while looking We found Carrot County. Carrots, carrots everywhere you looked.

Fields of carrots, even carrot pictures, pillows and carrot garlands. WOW!
As we meandered we then ran into all the rabbits. Just like the carrots there were rabbits everywhere.

They were so happy to see us, they love visitors. Hugs, Hugs, all around.

We were invited to their playground. We rode in the whirling cups, we went around and around.

Oh. dizzy. Sara Beth was afraid to ride so she sat on the lap of Miss. Hunny Bunny. After the busy morning ,we had a delicious carrot casserole for lunch. We then bid farewell to our many new friends. Tomorrow may be sad, as it is our last day with Mitty Hitty.
Sigh, Sigh, Hitty Mitty says, She and her mom have something special for our last day. All the girls are having a difficult time trying to sleep to night. LOVE MOM

Friday, December 3, 2010

Alice in Wonderland-----Looking for the rabbit hole......

Hitty Mitty was in her favorite mode telling her friends a story about " Alice in Wonderland." Of course everything was bigger than life as the story went along. So after lunch all the girls decided to go looking for the rabbit hole. The road was long and the trees were beautiful.

They found no rabbit hole, but a great big red barn in the middle of a meadow.

All the girls were excited when they came upon the sheep. They were so soft and fluffy and the fleece came in so many colors.

Next they came to the mother chicken and her babies.

Everyone wanted to hold the baby chicks. The chicks were peeping and scurrying around their feet.

Their biggest surprise was behind the barn. A prize winning pig named Omelet. She had the prettiest dress and apron. The fabric was a print of little pigs and she had her own stuffed pig toy. Her ribbon was bright red, she was a winner.

It was a busy day on the farm. Tomorrow we will venture out again looking for the rabbit hole, maybe we will see Alice, what will the day be ??? Love Hitty Mitty, Hitty Molly Marie and Sara Beth