Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Evening

Christmas Greetings Everyone! Oh I hope you have all had as much fun today as we have had here in Tulsa. A special Christmas elf delivered packages and we were all about bursting with impatience to open them this morning.

I was tickled to receive my very own Princess phone. This will be perfect for keeping in touch with all of the friends I have made on my journeys. Charlie Jo received the most adorable teeny tiny baby doll. Isabelle was quite pleased with her Christmas cake and has promised to share some with all of us later.

Nicola Jane opened a very handsome nutcracker and he will have pride of place among the decorations for years to come. Myrtle Armeline could hardly contain herself when she opened her Life game.

Scamp has to be in the middle of things up to some mischief.

We are planning a games evening soon. Thank you to our own specil elf for these gifts. In the photos you will also notice my brand new Christmas dress. I was admiring the knit dresses some of the girls have and they surprised with my very own dress! They were a little nervous it wouldn't fit but you would think I had been here for fittings it fits so well. The girls have promised to teach me to knit during my stay. I can hardly wait!
Warm Christmas greetings, every yours, Molly

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