Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Molly arrives in Tulsa

Greetings everyone, I wanted to let you know that I have arrived safely in Tulsa. Kathleen's husband was kind enough to pick me up from the postal facility so I didn't have to wait there until she was done working. My what a hustle bustle there was at that place. I feel fortunate to have made it here safely and in time for Christmas at the Vicarage. The girls are calling me to have some coffee so I had better go. I think we have a big day of decorating ahead of us. More soon, Molly Marie

In which we prepare for Christmas............................

Dear Friends, I am taking a break from all of our Christmas preparations here and wanted to share all the fun we've been having. After a very warm greeting the Vicarage girls told me they had been waiting to decorate for Christmas so that I could join in the fun. I told them I was well rested after my stay with D'Marie. Although I consider all of my dresses too pretty to be work clothes I changed out of my ballgown and dove right in. I am attaching a picture here and will place others in my photo album.

I must say the Vicarage kitties were rather a handful while we were decorating. We prevailed however and now the place is just lovely.

As soon as we finished decorating on went the aprons and we baked dozens of delicious Christmas cookies.

No sooner had we finished baking than Myrtle Armeline said we must write our letters to Santa

if there was to be any hope of a visit tomorrow night. I asked Santa to grant all of you, human and Hitty alike a blessed Christmas!

More to follow soon.... yours in festive spirit, Molly Marie

Happy Christmas Eve everyone......................................

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! After a quiet night visiting under the Christmas tree I am now able to share some more photos with you. You can see what fun we've had baking cookies and writing our Santa letters.

Sara Beth was thrilled to see the Hickory House all decorated for the holiday as well.

She feels quite at home there and is filling Hickory Emma and Shad in on all the news from Cousin Ida.

More pictures to follow. Hugs and Kisses, HMM

P.S. Kathleen said to tell you she wasn't sure where

Adventures with the Nativity Scene........

Molly again here. The Vicarage girls are so happy to have a Nativity set this Christmas. I was admiring it and then turned my back for just a moment.

Wouldn't you know it, there was a naughty kitten pretending he was part of the manger scene! I shooed him away but I do suppose there was a cat or two in the manger that first Christmas.

Hitty hugs and kisses, HMM

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  1. Good Golly, Miss Molly.... You have traveled so far and made so many new friends! You will have such fun in Oklahoma! Enjoy the holidays with all the Vicarage family.... hugs... d'