Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Pollyanna Day

Early morning, the sun is peeking through to start a new day. The girls gathered together in Hitty Mitty's cottage room. As this was their last day, Hitty Mitty wants to share her favorite story, " Pollyanna" with the girls.

Mitty tells all her stories with zing. She uses voice changes and very dramatic. Mitty is wonderfully happy and dreamy. Her mom is baking a special treat for the girls. What the girls found most special was the helping in the kitchen.

We had flour all over and climbing on the utensils was like a jungle gym. There was the biggest cook book,

and glass dome cake dish.

We hid inside with some cookies. Then we had tea time.

But as the day was closing, sadness fell on Hitty Molly Marie and Sara Beth. Well not for long. Hitty Mitty says remember Pollyanna and be glad. Be glad you are traveling to met many new friends, see many new places and be loved by all who meet you. Hitty Mitty and her mom hugged the girls and said, Our home "Sweet Sanctuary" is always open for you to come again. Be Glad, Blessings to All. Love, Hitty Mitty, Hitty Molly Marie and Sara Beth

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  1. Love the cookie adventures! What a wonderful bedroom!!