Sunday, December 5, 2010

Carrot County

Today, We are following trails again to look for the rabbit hole, while looking We found Carrot County. Carrots, carrots everywhere you looked.

Fields of carrots, even carrot pictures, pillows and carrot garlands. WOW!
As we meandered we then ran into all the rabbits. Just like the carrots there were rabbits everywhere.

They were so happy to see us, they love visitors. Hugs, Hugs, all around.

We were invited to their playground. We rode in the whirling cups, we went around and around.

Oh. dizzy. Sara Beth was afraid to ride so she sat on the lap of Miss. Hunny Bunny. After the busy morning ,we had a delicious carrot casserole for lunch. We then bid farewell to our many new friends. Tomorrow may be sad, as it is our last day with Mitty Hitty.
Sigh, Sigh, Hitty Mitty says, She and her mom have something special for our last day. All the girls are having a difficult time trying to sleep to night. LOVE MOM

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  1. Oh, so many new adventures! Glad you have made so many new friends! hugs... d'