Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hitty Agatha Travels Again to Jacksonville, Florida

I wanted to share a bit about my vacation/trip to Jacksonville Fl. As you know, I am fairly new to the Rock Bottom Hitty's home, and when mention of this trip came up, we all were talking and getting exctied for the chance to go. In the end, we all voted on who would be the Hitty to travel this time. And I won. I was so happy, and speechless... The first thing to mind, will there be any mysteries to be solved. More on that later. We traveled by way of Amtrak. It was a 7 and 1/2 hour ride to get there. Reminded us of being on a boat, there was a very easy sway to and fro, and every now and then a bump that caught us by surprise, we didn't sleep even though this was a late night departure. I think we were all too excited to be going. We arrived that morning and what fun the next 2 weeks brought. Ethan and Makayla didn't know we were arriving, and they were kinda in shock. What sweet kids. I remember their time staying with us. And well Zoey, I met her first when she was only a few weeks old and wasn't very active. Well now she is crawling everywhere, and seems to be so happy. We saw lots of landmarks while there. Tall buildings that would take forever if you climbed the stairs.. Thankfully we viewed those from the outside. As Tina is afraid of heights. We celebrated Zoey's birthday while there, but I stayed hidden away, as many strangers and soem rowdy kids were there. I didn't want to risk injury so chose to stay in Tina's purse where I could hear all the fun, but not worry about limbs and clothing being ripped or torn. I did see photos of Zoey having fun eating her cake. She had icing all over her. Thankfully she didn't get to hold me with that on her, as I am sure it would of been a yucky feeling, though she seemed to enjoy it immensely. Makayla remembered her Hitty that had been left in storage in NC. She wants Tina to go find her and mail her to her. Think good thoughts, as there are many boxes to go thru to find her. We went to a Museum of Science and History. I saw informed of the history of Jacksonville. Saw some of the native animals, some were alive some where stuffed. I saw so much I was overtaken with wonder at how we could possibly remember it all. I am sure memories will keep flooding us as the days go by. See here is one.. I saw an exhibit about NASA. I saw John Glenns first space mission suit. I saw a replica of the Pod they landed in the ocean in. Meteors from outter space.. Wow, so much to see, and remember. We went to St. Augustine, which is about an hour drive south. It is the oldest town in Florida. I saw lots of activity. People walking all the streets, and then cars moving past. We had to keep a close watch on the kids for fear they would be ran over. There were horse and buggy's also. We met some pirates, thankfully they were friendly. I had my photo taken with them. Such nice pirates. We chose to walk though. We visited the Fort Catillo De San Marcos. We were walking around the outter edges enjoying the scenery and suddenly there was cannon shots.. We looked out toward the bay from wench the boom came, and there was a small pirate ship attacking another pirate ship which was much larger than itself.. On no, it was my new friends, they were being attacked. We watched from the shore and wrung our hands and hoped for the best. Well, the mean pirates boarded and took over our friendly pirates ship. We had no choice but to turn and slowly walk away. In fear if we were seen pulling for the good pirates we may have been made to walk the plank. And no way, no how did we want to fall into the waters below... After a long day of walking we went to the beach at St. Augustine. The sands were pretty and white filled with mostly broken shells, but a few were found that were whole. We enjoyed watching the gulls and pelicans and other sea birds fly overhead and dive into the waters for their meals. There was an orange toss war between Tommy and Ethan. The orange tree in their yard was very pretty and full of oranges, but they were bitter and not platable at all.. So hence the war. It was fun seeing the oranges fly and splatter against the trees that line the back yard and the sand forts built by Tommy and Ethan. You can have fun in more ways than one would think. We went to an street art fest in the downtown area. People everywhere, art everywhere, and noise like you wouldn't believe. Music, horns from cars and people singing, talking wow, it was so loud. Thankfully that was a quick trip that day, as I enjoy more quiet than loud mixed up noises. I will try to write more later. I have to finish cleaning the house now.. Tina needs my help.. Hitty Hugs to all, HItty Agatha.... oh and I will see about my mystery soon... Tina is busy getting everything back in order and will be assisting me on my journal. I wouldn't want to leave anything out. It was a great trip, I got lots of love from Zoey. Makayla was not as energetic with me, and really ignored me most of the trip. I think she was more into seeing her Poppa and Naynah than me. She sure kept them moving.. As for Zoey, she was hooked at first sight. She would cry for me if she even saw a slight glance of me, was sweet, but scary at times. I guess I should hold off or I might not have enough to send more later... So with this, I am away again.. Lots of catching up with the other Hittys.. They are excited to hear all about the fun I had. Hugs, Hitty Agatha __._,_.___