Friday, December 3, 2010

Alice in Wonderland-----Looking for the rabbit hole......

Hitty Mitty was in her favorite mode telling her friends a story about " Alice in Wonderland." Of course everything was bigger than life as the story went along. So after lunch all the girls decided to go looking for the rabbit hole. The road was long and the trees were beautiful.

They found no rabbit hole, but a great big red barn in the middle of a meadow.

All the girls were excited when they came upon the sheep. They were so soft and fluffy and the fleece came in so many colors.

Next they came to the mother chicken and her babies.

Everyone wanted to hold the baby chicks. The chicks were peeping and scurrying around their feet.

Their biggest surprise was behind the barn. A prize winning pig named Omelet. She had the prettiest dress and apron. The fabric was a print of little pigs and she had her own stuffed pig toy. Her ribbon was bright red, she was a winner.

It was a busy day on the farm. Tomorrow we will venture out again looking for the rabbit hole, maybe we will see Alice, what will the day be ??? Love Hitty Mitty, Hitty Molly Marie and Sara Beth

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  1. Just love "Omelet"! Such wonderful adventures and to think, there are still more to come! Loving hugs.. d'