Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Sightseeing Day with Friends

Today, While talking at breakfast, it was decided that the weather was perfect for a sightseeing day. Here in California is a resort called Big Bear. It is quite lovely with pine trees and cabins. Since we are little, we chose to visit Little Bear Valley, which is more to our liking. Along the way we will travel through Clock Court, Mom really likes the clocks.

Hitty Mitty is excited to have Hitty Molly Marie and Sara Beth meet all her friends in Little Bear Valley. Mom called ahead, so the bears were ready to greet their guests. Upon arrival their was bear hugs all around.

We went for nature walks. At sunset, We gathered around the campfire for an old fashion sing- a -long.

Soon Hitty Mitty was telling stories and we roasted marshmallows.

On the drive home, we talked of our outdoor adventures, many yawns and sleepyheads we were. Mom carried us to bed, prayers were said, and we all slept like little bears for the winter. Love, Hitty Mitty, Hitty Molly Marie and Sara Beth.

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