Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hitty Molly saying Goodbye to The Rock Bottom Hitties

Hello to all my friends and family,
I am about to depart on my journey to meet Sherry and Cousin Ida, Oh my I forget so many names, but I guess that would be exspected as I have not met them in person yet. So forgive me please for not naming each one of you. I do look forward to arriving there and meeting you all.
It looks as if my trip may have rain on the way. It has gotten cooler also since my journey began.
Tina and Hitty Mary kindly made me a new dress with long sleeves and an apron to match.

I appreciate it and think the colors are rather autumn looking. So now I have 2 dresses and wonder what may be added to my treasures as I travel along.
I have already spoken on the Fall Festival/Halloween party,so will only say, it was so much fun gathering all we needed to have a grand time that evening. Wouldn't it be nice to have partys all the time.
Oh but how tired we would be. Tina has packed my travel box and is awaiting time for her to take me to the PO to catch the Postal Bus. I think I have a little over an hour before I depart.
So with all this said, I will close and spend a few minutes saying my goodbyes to all here at ROck Bottom Hittys.
With much love to you all, Hitty Molly Marie

P.S. I will be sure to have Tina send photos as soon as she returns from the PO..

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