Saturday, November 20, 2010

Choosing a Tot-Sara Beth

After much consideration I have decided that the oldest tot should be the one to accompany me on my further travels. She is old enough to benefit from exposure to other cultures and really enjoy our adventures. I am sure we will become very very good friends. Her name is Sara Beth and she is very sweet. I have always wanted a younger sister and now I have one!

The chickens....................

It is nearing the time for my departure but I did so want to visit with the farm animals. The COuntry HIttys have many animals that they care for. I am so excited about this. Our first vist will be with the chickens. There are some newly hatched baby chicks that I am especially anxious to see. Also Noel told me that her little bantam hens will sit in my lap and love to be patted! I am so looking forward to this!!

After we vistied the chickens and had such fun the girls told me would go see the wild swan. Cousin Ida has warned them not to bother the swan but they insisted that we could just go take a peek. So off we trooped in high spirits...animals are such fun I thought!! We saw the swan but ...the swan also saw us!! Oh she was so angry!! She came right out of the water and started to run and flap her wings at us. We all turned and ran as fast as our pegs would take us back to the house. Cousin Ida was not very happy with us. She said she would calm the swan down and send her back to the water. We all just watched from the porch, that swan is very scarey!! Not at all like a chicken. NOw I am not so sure about these animals.

Cousin Ida is fearless!!! I think she is my hero. She marched right up to that angry swan and just gently urged her back to the water. I think she was talking to her?? Do you suppose that Cousin Ida can talk to the animals?? I must say that all of us Hittys were quite impressed with her actions. I believe the COuntry HIttys will heed her warnings from now on. Ida says that it is safe for us to leave the porch and go visit the other animals. i am not sure I want to but Noel says we are

Oh my the lambs are so sweet. They are just little cuddly things. Not scarey at all! We got to pet the mama sheep and her baby lamb. They were both very friendly and gentle. There was also a goose but it was a nice goose. Did not chase us or try to bite us. I could learn to like farm animals like these! Chickens and lambs are nice. Now there is one more stop to make. The Hittys have told me all about Miss Hickory...Hetty is her name. They say she is very very cranky and hard to get along with. I think they are alittle afraid of her. She calls them flighty and silly things! Well they can be a little silly I admit. Hetty and Cousin Ida are very good friends. IN fact they tend the chickens together and sell the eggs. I believe that if Cousin Ida likes her she can't be all bad. At any rate she has invited me to visit and meet the Racooon that comes to see her every day. I Can not imagine what a racoon might be? It does not have wings so that might be a good thing. Well I am off to visit Hetty and I will tell you all about it!

Visiting with Hetty..... Well first off I have to say I do agree with the Hittys...Hetty is rather formidible!! She is one who enjoys her own company. As my grandmother would have said..."she does not suffer fools gladly!". She welcomed me to come stand by her rocker and visit with Rocky the Racoon. She cautioned me that they do not make good pets as they are very onery. She chuckled when she said that..."a lot like me" is what I believe I heard her say. Rocky was nice and very plump. He has little paws that are just like hands. He even hugged me !! I was very happy to have the chance to meet a real Racoon and a real Miss Hickory. I am not sure I would want either for neighbors but it was an experience! The HIttys were so relived that I was able to return to them in one piece. They really are a little silly! Well tomorrow I am off on the next leg of my adventure. Tonight they are having alittle going away party for me. I am looking forward to that!

What a grand party we had. There were all kinds of sweet treats and we played games. We drank rose hip tea and chatted into the night. When it was time to go to bed the Hittys all gathered round me in a group hug. What nice girls they are. I have really enjoyed my stay here in the country...even with that swan lurking around. But it will be very nice to meet more people and make new friends. Time to go to bed and get ready for the postal bus.

It is time for me to leave. Noel walked me to the postal bus. we had already put Sara Beth in her wrappings. Noel was so sorry to see me go. I shall miss her but I think that my stay here has given her new confidence. She seems more outgoing and happier then when I first arrived. The other hittys have even commented on how she has blossomed. I feel quite pleased with myself regarding this. I hope that I can continue my good deeds at my other stops. Good bye for now...Off to California!!

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  1. So many wonderful adventures! Seemed like such fun with the animals and all the Hittys. Such awesome new friends and a new little sister, too! What more could a Hitty need? California, here she comes! Loving hugs.. d'