Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hitty Molly and Sara Beth arrive in California

When Hitty Sara Beth and I, Hitty Molly Marie arrived in California, Hitty Mitty and her mom were in the garden.
A very warm welcome followed, felt like we had been friends forever. We walked through the arbors, where we smelled the flowers, listened to the water fountains and ringing chimes. We talked of my travels and the plans for our visit. After dinner, yum yum, Mitty, Sara Beth and I went to her cottage room. Hitty Mitty likes to read and has a huge imagination. Tomorrow will be fun. We are safe, happy, and tucked into bed with our new friend.
Night, Night, Hitty Molly Marie and Hitty Sara Beth

A very old watering can, very big and dark inside, hold tight everyone.

The water fountain is so high, oh, my!

We are climbing on the arbor, lets swing.

We have a new small Rosemary bush, looks like a Christmas tree.

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  1. Oh My Goodness... such wonderful new friends! This new place looks so fun! hugs enclosed... d'