Sunday, November 14, 2010

Visiting the neighbors......

Dear Readers, it has been several days since we have posted. Real life is what the person here uses as her excuse for our tardiness! I have had a few adventures which I will detail later, but I will post this one for today. After church the person (Sherry) needed eggs. She buys them from a neighbor who lives 2 miles in the country neighbors are not really very NEAR! She decided to take me along to meet another Hitty person. What fun! We drove along a twisty gravel road to this very large home.

The chicken house is out of sight. they were quite happy to see us and as Sherry chatted with the two elderly ladies I made the acquaintence of Vivian Lee.

She is a lovely Hitty who lives with these ladies. It seems that she is the very first Hitty that Sherry ever made...from a Gail Wilson Kit. Vivian Lee is very modest and our conversation was centered on her home and garden. She told me of all the things they canned last summer. I was quite taken aback! Hundreds of quarts of vegetables! And now of all thing they are canning venison.. I believe I might have mentioned that life in the country can be somewhat brutal to one of my delicate sensibilties. Well I have just learned that it is now Deer Hunting season. Hunting deer?? I confess to being a bit overcome by this information. Vivian Lee was quite gracious and had me sit a while until I was recovered. The visit was certainly an educational one. I can only wonder what tomorrow will bring!

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