Monday, November 8, 2010

...The woods...

It is time to begin our foray into the goodness they are rather forbidding! I find it hard to believe that these Hittys tramp about out there on a nearly daily basis!! I believe this is going to be quite an adventure!!

Noel has taken me aside to ask that I be her companion on the walk. She has never been into the woods either!! The other Hittys are simply amazed that she has gathered her courage to do so with me. She is a sweet little dear, perhaps this will help her with her self confidence.

It is so warm out today that we do not need our wraps. We all begged to be allowed to come out without bonnets and Cousin Ida relented but she insisted that we all wear aprons to protect our dresses and for tot gathering??? What indeed is tot gathering? She and Hitty Joy explained all to us . The tots are wee hickory orphans that are in danger of being eaten by squirrels!! How barbaric. Lilfe in the country is a precarious thing. At any rate they can be found concealed beneath leaves and in the crevices of trees. We are to search carefully for they are often too frightened to cry out to us for help. And if we do find one we can gather it into our aprons to comfort the wee thing. I am so excited to begin.

We are diligent in our search.

oH look, under the leaves!

So this is what our aprons are for!! to wrap our tots in! We shall carry them back to the house to safety. Cousin Ida and Hitty Joy have clothing for them and we will all cuddle them and calm them. What a wonderful adventure. How exhilarating! I quite feel like a missionary!! More tomrrow my dear readers, as I am sure we will be busy for the rest of the day.


  1. Oh how exciting to see the rescue of the Hickory Tots. Our little tots loved seeing more little ones that will find forever homes :)

  2. Those Babes are so lucky to be found!What a wonderful adventure! Love the pictures.... so fun!